Championship Manager 2003/2004

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First, choose the team that you want to play for( Ex: Man Utd) and take contro
Then you choose another team ( Ex: Monaco Use that team( Monaco) to make a
loan bid with Manchester player( Ex: John O’Shea) and change the loan offer to
100M and then submit offe Click to continue the game, about 1 day after, go
to the Manchester News and agree the requirement offer from Monaco without
changing anythin After 3-4 days, if the player agree to join Monaco club,
you will get 100M even that Monaco does not have enough money from transfer
budget for that transfe The transfer budget in Manchester United will increase
also with the financial, so you can buy more players and the financial of Monaco
will be in deb You can try to make loan offers as many times as you want but
more successful when you try the transfer from the big club so players that you
made loan offers will be agree to join your team for loan more easie

But Sinama Pongolle from liverpool:

* After 3-4 seasons he will score 30-45 goals in a seaso After a season or two more, he will score 45-60 goals per seaso

* When you start a new game, a attacker called Jairo Fernando Castillo is on a fre Buy hi

* He is allready a great player when you start a new game and after 2-3 seasons,
he will be one of the best attackers in the gam
I was Manchester City and one season, he scored 65 goal

If you need a great goalkeeper, buy AEK’s Dionisis Chiotis:

At first he dose’nt look so good, but after a few seasons he is better
than: Kahn, Buffon, Barthe

Another good attacker is Dinamo’s 16 year old Niko Kranjca He is allready
a pretty good player when you start a new game, but after a couple of seasons,
he will be wanted by all the greatest clubs in tha worl


With this squad i have won UEFA Champions League,German bundesliga,german
cup,all europan cups except UEFA Cup:

Oliver Kahn (goalkeeper)
Tobias Rau (Deffender left side)
Lillian Thuram (deffender right side)
Paolo Montero (deffender centre)
Martin Demichelis (deffender centre)
Hasan Salihamidzic (attacking midfielder right side)
Ze Roberto (attacking midfielder left side)
Jens Jeremies (deffensive midfielder centre)
Michael Ballack (midfielder centre,BEST PLAYER)
Roy Makaay (forward right)
Miroslav Klose (forward left,TOP GOALSCORER)

Michael Rensig (goalkeeper)
Robert Kovac (deffender centre)
Mehmet Scholl (attacking midfielder,JOCKER)
Marcio Amoroso (striker,2nd JOCKER)
Sebastian Deisler (midfielder centre,right)
Roque Santa Cruz (striker,3rd JOCKER)

My team was FC Bayern
Best wingers on the game are surely Ze Roberto and Hasan Salihamidzi

My Name Is Chris ( Lord Lucan ) Holme

Hi this is a cheat for Championship Manager 03/04 to get a lot of cahs
and player First choose a team that you would like several players
from Ex: Arsena Then add manager in control of Arsena Use this
manager to make a bid for one of your player Completely Max out the
bid 100m, 50% sell on fee, 40m over 24 months, 40m after 1 league
appearance, 40m per league game, 40m after 1 international appearance
and 40m after 10 league goal Submit the bid then accept it with your
own tea
When it comes time to offer a contract offer the player the most Arsenal
will pay IE: Key player 60k a week plus good appearance fee’s and yearly
wage rise DO NOT SUBMIT THE BID!!!! Instead when the bid is all laid
out on screen retire the arsenal manage You will get a message saying
the transfer of the player was cancelled due to the change of manager at
Arsenal, but a couple of days later the transfer will go through anywa

You will get 100m plus monthly installments of a further 40m a season and
extra’s every time he plays for them :P (For this reason sell a player
who is likely to play for them but is easy to replace IE : Emile Heskey )

Here’s the good bit : Arsenal are now in debt to the tune of 140m and
rising, therefore they will sell any of their players for about the
valuation and the players will be prepared to go to ease the debt the
club is i Viera, Henry, Pires or Ashley Cole anyone,
Have fun :P

Best players:

Oliver Kahn,Roberto Carlos,Fabio Cannavaro,
Alessandro Nesta,Sol Campbell,Ze Roberto,Hasan Salihamidzic,
Zinedine Zidane,Luis Figo,Andriy Shevchenko,Adrian Mutu,
David Beckham,Amoroso,Miroslav Klose,Roy Makaa


I played with Bayern and after one season best young players are:
Tobias Rau,Markus Feulner,Bastian Schweinsteiger,Christian Lell,
Roque Santa Cruz (my favourite),Claudio Pizarro,Jan Schlosser,
Michael Rensig,Martin Demichelis (best centre-back),


When you start the game, Add a Manage Then transfer ALL their good
players for NOTHIN Then get them to buy either a reserve, or an
overpaid player who won’t pla
Also, Buy Lucio from Bayer Leverkusen of Germany, he’s a Brazilian
internationa His discruption is Wordclass centre-bac
He gives you an average rating of about 5
The strikers in Argentina are very good, buy Cavenaghi, and Salas
from River Plate, and Tevez from Boca Junior


Buy Thierry Henry,Deco,Stankovic,David on free transfers at 1 January 200
My team is Roma and i was win Seria A,Cup UEFA,Champions league,Cup Itali
with this team


Buy Lorenco(St)from Sporting, Phil Jaeika (English) DM or RB is good
I use this Squad (MU):
GK Howard
DL Lucio
DR Jaeika
DC Rio Ferdinand (Protect-er)
DC Oshea(Silvestre is also good but always foul)
ML Giggs
MR Ronaldo
MC Kleberson (Excellent passing + conner + set pieces)
MC Xabi Alonso (Superb longshot)
SC VRooy (goal killer)
SC Bellion (superb finish)
this du bi:
DM Djemba (sometimes score from longshots)
FW Mohamed Zidan (Play maker over 75 mins)
SC Lorenco
CD Silvestre
AM Chis Eagles

I use more 5-a-side small pitch training and prefer 4-4-2 formation
(but turn off the attack arrow from one CM) attacking – direct – I
always make score at above 3 goals + win in all leagu
If face Arsenal u will victory

Best players:

Alesandro Simonetta
Carlos Diogo
Le Tallec(Liverpol)
Carlos Tevez
Fernando Cavenaghi
Wesley Sjneider
Jose Julian de la Cuesta
Robert Huth
Philipe Senderson(Arsenal D RC)


first of all you have to have a team tht has a transfer budget of
about 10millio there are 3 players tht are reasonably cheap and
goo they are also young so they will be with the team for a whil
the 1st is fabio santos(dL) he plays for sao paolo and u can get
him for about 5millio the 2nd is ahmet kuru (sc)he plays 4
werder bremen(a)the team will be reluctant to let him go but an
offer of about 5million should do the tricAnd the 3rd is yalcin
yilmaz (gk) he plays for hambur an offer of about 5 million
will get him 2 your’e teathese players are still in there
teens but are very good and as the game goes on they get even bette


This is my youngest and best team i have ever found:

Sebastien Frey(GK, Parma, a big wall for a strike who wants to beat him, young but strong)
Gareth Barry(DML, Aston Villa, best defence left wing player in this game)
Jemaine Jenas(DMR, Newscatle, young but great, always control the midfield ball)
Phillipe Mexes(DC, Auxerre, excellent player, one of the best defence in this game, usually
score by long shot)
Anthony Gardner(DC, Tottenham, always gets higher than 8 showing point in anygame he plays,
can easily score in the corner if he has a chance)
Mido(AML, Marseille, fascinating guy, new star in the future, showing point also very high)
Victor Sikora(AMR, Ajax, really good in attack, excellent wing running, always score beautiful
goals and cross sharp passes)
Scott Parker(MC, Charlton, good defence but a bit too young for big game)
Van Der Vaart(AMC, Ajax, this man is unbelievable player, expensive but freaky good, has a
lot of good assists, super playmaker,better than Zidane in the future)
Luis Saha(FC, Fulham, wonderful strike with strong shot, score a lot in left wing attack)
Dijbril Cisse(FC, Auxerre, always try to score as much as possible, Golden Boot in French League)

Timo Hilderbrand(GK, future goalkepper, believe me, he will be excellent player)
Daniel Van Buyten(DC, good but sometimes make heading mistakes in important games)
Micheal Carrick(MC, defence well, a bit look like defence midfield in the game)
Shinji Ono(AMC, really good in taking freekick)
Louis Fabiano(FC, joker, strong strike with strong shot and heading)


Buy Sinama Pongolle from Liverpool when you start a new gam
He is almost worth nothin
But after a few seasons, he will be the ultimate attacker,
and all the greatest teams will want hi
One season, when i was FC Bayern, he scored 53 goals, and made
18 assist Buy him, he is the best!


The best players that i av eva bought are lional morgan from wimbledon,
trust me he may not look da business but on my game as leeds i play him
at left mid n he is 1 of my top goal scorers been called up 2 d england
squad and has now won player of the month 7 months in a row! hes only 2
Also Bellion, 1st season wastes a few chances den afta 2 seasons becomes
one of the best players on d gam Also if you are a lower league team,
loan Kevin Kyle from sunderland and he’ll be a guarenteed succes
Also buy Diego from Santos he is 18 and at attacking mi he is
competeing with the likes of zidan Hussaine is another great young
player from man ut sign Jo and Rivaldo ( not d great 1) dey r 16 and
under unprotected contracReo-coker is another great buy but only play
him as a normal cm, not at or de Salas from river plate is also ver
goo my line up 4 leeds is robinson, mills, caldwell, matteo,
rodriguez (good buy), salas, reo-coker, diego, lional morgan, bellion,
smith sub rogerio ceni, kelly,Hurtado (absolutely brilliant), bakke
and Hussain Allessio Cerci is 16, plays for roma, will sign for any
team on an unprotected contract, he is an absolute MUST BUT!!! one for
the future he is insanely fast and has a 19 finish at 1 best of lu.

Good young player:

Glean Johnson-Chelsea
Michael Dawson-Nottm Forest
Alexander Farnerud-Landskrona
Freddy Adu-Free
Christopher Eagles-Man Utd
Kieran Richardson-Man Utd
Fernando Cavenaghi-River
Cristiano Ronaldo-Man Utd
Paul Tierney-Man Utd
Eddie Johnson-Man Utd
Ebanks-Blake-Man Utd
Jami Puustinen-Man Utd
Dean Ashton-Crewe
James McFadden-Everton
Stephen Pearson-Motherwell
Morten Pedersen-Tromso
Leon Knight-Brighton
Philippe Mexes-Auxerre
Carlos Tevez-Boca
Phil Jagielka-Sheff Utd
Hatem Trabelsi-Ajax
Porarinn Kristjansson-Keflavik
Ivica Olic-CSKA Moscow
Jermaine Jenas-Newcastle Utd
Jan Kristiansen-Esbjerg fB


The best winger is Toledo from CatanzarThe cheapest,greatest, and fastest
winger/forwarHe has 20 on acceleration, agility, pace, dribling, and crossin
After some seasons, he will be the best winger/forward in world cup 200
Also get Kasper schemeicel, Lionel Morgan & freddy AdThey’ll be the great
players in the futur


some great players and realy chip!
buy harold boxley he is american he is a top goal scorer and he is young and
jackson some thing i forgot his first name he is a powerful strike
u fan only see theme in medium Databas


If u are Real Madrid, go and look to Real Madrid B to find Roberto Trahorras
In the start, maybe he’s not look gooBut after 1 or 2 seasons , his finishing
is 20(max)Bestway , dont pick him to the first team too quic Wait for 1 or
2 seasons to let him improve his skillsHe’s very specia Even when he is a
average player , he has a great luck to score By the way , if u are Real Madrid,
dont sell Beckham , Carlos, Figo , Solari, Raul, Portillo,Pavon,Raul Bravo,Salgado
Beleive me ! I was Real and i get the title at any League a get the championship
at any cup


Can you give me a list of good players,,, i’ll give you also some youngsters:

Evandra Roncatto 17 Striker
Bjorn Zwikker 13 Striker
Mancini. One of the best players in the game
Freddy Indurley Grisales. One of the best wingers in the game
Arjen Robben 19 A very good left winger
Wilfred Bouma 25 or 26 Ver very good defender

After 1 season buy Davids and Wiltord, they are free,
Henry is also free!
also buy Maxwell from Ajax, a very good left defender, he is Brazilia
Another good left defender is Jean from Feyenoord, also Brazilian,
a good striker: Adriano, Kaka, Simao, Luis Fabian
Buy Landzaat good defensive midfielder from Willem II, he gets in every
game an everage rating of a 7 or 8, or buy Vieira but he’s a lot more expensive,

When you start a season, buy Anelka, Deco or Rothen, they are very good,
you can also buy vd Vaart and Sneijder from Ajax and Jurgen Colin from PSV,
Simonetta from AS Roma scores a lot of goals, this was my first team with
AS Roma, when i won the UEFA Champions League and The Italian Serie A


Jorge Costa


Don’t you want the best for you,
Why wasting your time with those hints that tell you to buy this or that good player,
Just create your own player with the age at 13 , and the skills all at ma!
You should do so before you start a new game, in the game directory (or in the start
menu ) there is an application ” Editor ” , before entering it, all you need to do is
to disable the ” READ ONLY ” mode from the files inside the folder /CM 03-04/data/db ,
there are 7 file
Then enter the Editor application, press „File” located on the left , then „load
database”>>> a small window will open , select the file „server_db” and press
„Select” , after that click ( or after you press Save database at the end, I don’t
remember ) you will be asked if you like to create a backup , so I recommend you
to accep
But be careful , this application needs a lot of physical memory and Rams, so it
will take 30 minutes and more on a small PC to open , but about 2 minutes on a fast P
Anyway, when you are there, you can modify any person , any club , any nation ,
you can create your own players, your own clubs , and create stadiums, media
sources, weathe. and the best of all, you can modify injuries, beleive me ,
it’s the best thing, just uncheck the „Recurring” mode from the injuries and set
the time available to recover to 0 weeks , so the longest injury will be 2 days ,
and you don’t need rehabilitatio
At the end , ensure that you have completed everything , then press ” Files” then
” Save database” It will take 2 minutes on fast PC
After you finish, exist this program , and start a new game , and pick your team
with all your players as ” WONDERKIDS” and with the finance at 250 millions, and
win all the matches at least by 5 goal


Edwanro Roncatto of Guarnani is the best player that no foward else can be compare
Super cheap , super young and super talented He never makes u regret ur spending
on him Btw, Chirstan de La Cuesta is a super young full back And if u want to
find „wonderkids” , seek in Bayern FC and Germanyexp: Tobias Ra

My invincible squad(Real Madrid):
Gk: Casillas , Valde
DL: Roberto Carlos, Boris
DR: Phil Neville, Salgado, Lauren
DC: Juanito,Raul Bravo, de la Cuesta, Helguera,Cesar Villa
ML : Figo, Solari
MR: Beckham, Giuly
Mc : Zidane, Cambiasso, Guti, Artet
Fw: Raul, Roncatto,Portillo,Morientess,(Toledo)


If u start with Southampton you have got 2 buy Nathen Ellington and play
him in your reserve After about a season play him alongside Beattie and
they will become invincibl TIP, dont buy Didier Drogba as he is unhappy
all the time even if u play him in every game possible, plus he costs
about 9 millio


Best players in the game:
Giacom Cipriani,Andrea Gasbarroni,Andres D’allesandro,Diego (santos),Gaetano Masucci,
Fabiano (santos),Srna,Juninho Pernambucano,Mancini,Adrianinho,Alex,Ednilson,Jorge Lopez,
DCisse,Diego Rangel,Pletikosa,Athirson,Ramalho,Derlei and Makaay

I playing with Juve, my players are

GK: Buffon
DC:Tudor or Montero(set as captain)
MR:Darijo Srna (but first season Camoranesi)
ML:Davids or Del Piero
MC:Tudor or Montero
FC:Del Piero or Cipriani(youth in Juve)

Buy: Srna, Perotta, Diego (from Santos, he is best young playe)Pelizzoli and
Helguer With this squad i won Italian Cup, Serie A and Champions Leagu
S:On the end of 1st season your board will give you „365m transfer budget
With that budget you can buy Real,Man Utd, And 1/2 of Barca, so nice managin


This is my team(Juventus

With this team I won 6 consutive championship leagues and 8 consutive Italian seria
GK:Kasper Schmeichel
DL:Wayne Bridge
DC:Gareth Barry
MR:Ikewachu Kalu
FC:Carlos Tevez

Patricio Perez
Bjorn Zwikker


Here are some good young players:

Cesar Carignano-Colon
Le Tallec-Liverpool
Mateo Brighi-Juventus
Bjorn Zwikker-Emmen
Supat Rungratsemme-Portrsmouth
Carlos Tevez-Boca
Boy Boy Mosai-Chelsea
And the best:Arjen Robben-PSV


I have a good hint to u guys who want cheap,young,talent player, and espaciall,if
u r an South East AsiaGo to look in 3 kingdoms of football of South East Asian:Vietnam ,
Thailand and IndonesiaEvery these three Country has a young talent fowarBut best way,
u should wait for 1 or 2 seasons to have their apearing, because they r very younEg:
Vietnam have „Pham Van Quyen”(SLNA)Dont forget Hongkon After 2 seasons, i find a
Hongkong player named Wong Chi Ki He is as good as Milan Baros or Rooney


If u go newcastle buy joseph desire job and play him upfront with shola ameobi
they will be superb 2gether and they will each score 40 to 50 a seaso i went
newcastle and had them upfront i won the premiership 2 champions league 2 fa 1
league cup 3 and uefa 1 in 3 season


if u wanna win all the european titl. plays Juventus go to 4-4-2 formation then use
Buffon (Gk. he’s indespensable
Thuram(RB)good sprinter and tough
Cammoranesi(RM) good tackle and sometimes score
Davids(ML) tricky and hard to catch
Nedved(MC) good playmaker
Appiah(MC)good def midfielder and good long shooter
Del Piero(SC) good finisher and fast
Trezequet (SC) good finisher and header

at the next season Gasbarroni will return to juve also Blasi and Brighi
they are wonderfully amazing, use gasbarroni as right winger, blasi as left
winger and Brighi as midfielde u know, i won all the european tittle from
2002-200 and got the treble from 2002-200 oh by the way buy thiery henry
he’s free at second seaso he plays well with del pier just sell camoranesi,
appiah and trezeque at 3rd season youll gonna ric


Here is the best line up in the game:
DC:Tate(manutd u18)
ML:De Rossi(Roma)
MC:Xabi Alonso


with this squad i won the championship,champions leqague and the FA Cup
Just buy Smith from Leeds,and Dyer from Newcastle:

SC-Van Nistelrooy

Tate is the best DC in the game believe mIn the first season he had an average
rating of 3And at the end of the first season he head a value of 275 mi


Best young players:
Wilfred Bouma
Diego Rangel
Claudio Maldonado(You can put him on AMC and you’ll see the miracle of player)
Leo-Som(e)where in brazil
De Jong-PSV or Feyenoord
Milner-Somewhere in England
Gasbarroni-Juventus(Best LM in game
Srna-Sakhtar Donetsk
Ronaldo-Man Utd(Player for all attacking positions)
Richardson-Man Utd
Cipraiani-Juve(JOCKER allways, but only JOCKER!!!)
Evandro Roncatto-Guarani
Luis Fabiano-Santos(Better than Best)
Olic-CSKA Moskva
Adriano-Parma(Unbeaten with Fabiano on other side of strike)
Olivera-I mn in JUVE
Hildebrand-I mn VFB STUTTGART
Rubinho-Somwhere in Brazil

With this team I have winning in Champions League,Italian Cups,League all
until season 2008/200S Be careful with players condition best training
is Default Training:::::


here is my team 4 vill i won the league with i (4-4-2)
g Sorensen
d tony craig (millwall)
d paulo ferreira (porto)
d touré (arsenal)
d lucio (leverkusen)
m fredy william thompson (comunications) dmrlc
m rafael arles castillo (bucamaranga)
m freddy guarin (envigado)
m andres d’alessandro (wolfsburg)
f roonaldo
f carlos tevez (boca)

also, i have freddy adu


Here is the best team for fc Manchester United:

SC:Van Nistelrooy
SC:Smith (leeds) 26,5 M


The best cheat of all, but playing the game properl If you want to win everything
but not cheat by getting free players and free cash, then simply do this; Start a
new game with any tea Use the funds and your available skills to get the best team
possible within your limit due to your transfer budge Then when you are setting up
to play a match, save the game before you d That way if you lose/draw you can quit
the game and start again from where you save It may take a while before you win but
it’s a great way to win every game and not cheat by getting great players for fre
Doing this enables you to win the european champions league and all other leagues/cups
with any team at al Besides by winning these competitions, you attract the interest
of top players and clubs wanting to sign you up for managing their team! Ame

Free Players:

This works 4 all teams but its best 2 do it wiv lower league team What you do is
offer for a player on loan and set the future fee to £ if they accept then wen u
have the player on loan, jus offer 4 him for £0 and the club have 2 accept!!! — –
get Robert Enke from barcelona u have to pay him 17,500 in wag

Good player 2 get – – Jesus Arellano at he start of the game just wait a cupple of
weeks then sign him for 4 mil hes 30 but hes ACE


Load up the editor and click onto any team you like(man utd,chelski,arsenal etc)
and click onto there squad player click on someone is is half decent (petit chelsea)
and click onto config and add a transfer to any team (lens i did it with) and have the
transfer for sunday 13th july 2003 for a fee of 2 billio this cheat will work and
when you start up a new game you will have around 6billion to spen


A great team:

GK Kapser Schmeichel (Man City)(Free-under 17)
DR Daniel Bonera (Parma)(Free at end of First Season)
DL Giovanni Pasquale (Inter)(2m)
DC Fabricio Coloccini (AC Milan)(Free at end of First Season)
DC Edgar Davids (Juventus)(Free at end of First Season)
MR Jermaine Pennant(Arsenal)(Free at end of First Season)
ML Jan Kristiansen (Efsberg)(8m)
MC Mikel Arteta (Rangers)(3m)
MC Kim Kallstrom (Djugarden)(2m)
FW Thierry Henry (Arsenal)(Free at end of First Season)
Alesio Cerci (Roma)(Free-Under 17)

This is an amazing team that has won me absolutely everything, only one match
lost in the first three season The team costs 8 million and can be completely
assembled by the end of the first seaso It is important to have a club with a good
reputation to get players like Henry and Davids on a free but its not too har


My Arsenal Squad:
(4-4-2 Attacking)
GK Weidenfeller
DR Zebina
DL Ashley Cole
DC Lucio
DC Campbell
MR Jermaint Pennants(In 2nd season became Worldclass Winger)
ML Ljungberg
AMC Davids
DMC Vieira
SC Henry (61 Goals per Season)
SC Kanoute (Works well with Henry)

GK Cech
DRC Jagielka
DDMC Toure
MC Paulinho
DMLC Bronckhorst
SC Marlon King(Gillingham)
SC Aliadiere


Second season try and buy Fernandes from southampto he does really well and
is a good midfeilder that can score good goal Also if you want to win every
game before a match add a mannager for the club you are about to play and give
them the worst player on the team in goal and play everyone out of positio


supat rungratsamee from portsmouth is good if your in a lower divisio
hes only 15 but e scores some goals ( as e is young u gotta pay compensation 2
da club which is 250,00 also try nd get carl pettefer on loan from portsmouth
espeshally if your a premier clu


As a great man utd fan, a decent team to give arsenal or chelski a good
thrashing is a must hav Barthez is a great keeper for the first year
or so, but after that, forget i Keane and solskjaer permanently moan
about not being in the first teayawn! Well, in the first season,
i was unbeaten in the league and won anything i was entered fo
Your budget for the 1st season is around 46m, i blew this on 3 players,
but there are some great players available on loa

Heres my team:
DR Gabri
DL Heinze
DC O’shea
DC Ferdinand
MR Djemba Djemba
ML Giggs
MC Xabi Alonso
MC Kleberson
FC Carlton Cole-loaned from chelsea
FC Van nistelrooy

In the season i loaned carlton cole, he racked up 39 goals in 31 appearence
There are some great youngsters in the reserves – Arthur gomez, Hussaine,
Kieran Richardso

After 2 seasons, Juve offered me 15m for xabi alonso (he cost 20m) BUT,
you can easy get him loaned out for 5mil a season and morAlso, by this
time Kleberson, Roanldo and Djemba Djemba are all worth between 15-20m so
you can sell for a fortun And in my second season, i got chelsea outcasts
lampard and cudicini for 5m for both player Lampard is currently worth 28m,
cudicini 8m, and van nistelrooy is now worth 48m (30+ goals per season)

4-4-2 is the best line up for man utd, ive tried 3-5-2, and 4-3-3 but they
leave you open to quick mid field attack

Another great way if you have time is to sign some 18-20 yr olds who are
uncontracte Once they have signed, they’ll be worth £300,000 to a million
in a week, so if you sign 20 and get lucky, you could sell the lot to division
1 clubs for £20m!!
Hope the hints are useful


This is my best team, i play with Barcelon I won UEFA Cup,
UEFA Champion League, two time UEFA Super Cup and three times
in row Primer In 190 games i have 157 wins, i have 704 goals
scored and 183 goals concede

GK: Buffon
DL: de la Cuesta
DC: King
DC: Puyol
DR: Gallas
ML: Duff
MC: Aimar
MC: Ronaldinho
MR: Mancini (Best assistent)
FC: Anelka
FC: Henry (He scored 70-80 goals per season with rating 90)



this is my Blackburn team that i’ve won the premier league 2times in a
row and won champo league 1nce frey,colvan buyten,ferdinand,mancini,
morten gamst pedersen,joaquin,denilson,henry,sinama pongolle and
djbril cisse it the biz


If n e 1 still plays this game, ive got a good hint for

I used this squa

GK – Jerzy Dudek
LB – John Arne Risse
CB – Sami Hyppia
CB – Lucio (from Bayer Leverkusen)
RB – Jamie Carragher
LM – Harry Kewell
CM – Steven Gerrard
CM – Xabi Alonso
RM – Danny Murphy
CF – Micheal Owen
CF – Djibril Cisse
GK – Chris Kirkland
SUB1 – Igor Biscan
SUB2 – Fernando Morientes / Milan Baros
SUB3 – Alex (from Sao Paolo)
SUB4 – Dietmar Hammann

All this for about es£16-30 million
Owen and Cisse scores great amount of goals


Always Buy three Players at the start of the game Lucio, Cerci and
Aaron LennonGood Luck

Choose two countries:
Select two teams, then select the team that you do not wish to pla Next, make a bid
on a player from the opposite tea Make the bid about 150,000,000 and send the bid
to the other teamThen, accept the bi When you make a contract proposal, make it
as good as it can ge However, do not send the contract – – you must retire as the
manager of the team that made the bi The message „Transfer failed” will be in your
message box and if done correctly the player will leave your club for the amount which
you chos

Unlimited money:
Usually, to get a large amount of money in these games, all you need to do is take over
another team with the „Add Manager” option and sell a player at a rather unrealistic
amoun However, this results in having no players remaining, no transfer budget at your
chosen victim club, or even worse, the board keeps intervenin The solution is to take
over the team you hate the most with the „Add Manager” option, as usua However,
instead of selling a player to them, have them put in a First Option bid for £100
millio Simply accept the bid and the £100 million is yours with no interferenc
No matter how deep in debt the club gets, the owners will not stop the transfers, and
you can reap the rewards of unlimited mone

Never lose:
When you are about to have a match, save the gam If you lose your game, you can
reload your saved game and try agai However, you must remember your next fixtures
date – – once you are about to go to the match it cannot be saved anymor

Getting good players:
When you start a new game, choose the league that you are about to manag While
playing, click on „Game Options”, then „Add Manager”, then „Enter Your Profile
Choose the team that you wish to manag You now have two teams in your control at
the same tim You can do any transactio You can buy any great player for free
transfer (if you choose that player’s team

Getting good players:
If you have a spare £9 million and need a good goal sorer in your first season,
Frederic Kanoute is your ma He has a buy out clause of £9 million and will want
roughly £60,000 a wee Nicholas Anelka is guaranteed goal He will set you back
roughly £7 million if you are lucky, but he is well worth i Issah Eliakwu is 18
years old and is easily one of the best youngsters on the gam you can pick him up
for about £250,00

Kody do gier

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