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Press „~” or „^” during game play to display the console windo Then, enter one of
the following code Press ENTER again to activate!

Code Result
help – Show all commands

Cheat Codes:

Edit in gamedataconfigscreatures the file „actoltx
Open the „actoltx” file with notepa
Editing this file changes player statistic

„[actor_immunities_gd_****]” one can lower damage taken by lowering the number X
in ****_immunity = X

If X is 0 then player takes Full damag
(0 is double damage, 5is half), 0 removes damage compleatl

-Note there are 4 sifferent sets of immunities for different ranks
player may have, and each damage typ

One can edit „max_walk_weight” as well to change number of kilogramms one can walk
around wit

Weapon upgrade:
Unlike Stalker: SOC we can upgrade our weapons in clear sky, this can be done at
the duty base (there may be other location but I hv not been that far So it wil
be a good idea to collect some money early in the game, and get good upgrade
Almost all weapons can be upgraded but do make a good choice among comparable weapon

Upgrade items before getting robbed:
After completing several missions for Freedom, you are tasked with tracking
Fang to the Flee market in the Garbag Before leaving the Freedom base, spend
all of your money by either buying a new suit and/or upgrading your equipmen
When you arrive at the Flee market, in the process of tracking Fang, you are
robbed by two bandits who will steal all your money and equipmen You can go
after them to retrieve your equipment, but you cannot get your money bac

Secret Artifact:
In the dar forest there is a cave and inside are bandits; Watch out when you Enter!
There are poltergiest blew in a cavern in the cave you might fall through and these
are very hard to kil If you want to kill them just sit up above the wood (make
sure dead enemy weapons are inside the bodies, cause the poltergiest will throw it,
and it hurts like hell, best bet is use a GL or grenades to waste those polter
A little further in you will find a artifact (very rare) sitting on a table called
a COMPASS, this gives you a +6 endurance and NO negative effect

Entering the Freedom armory:
Use the following trick to enter the Freedom armory without being detecte Push a
chair towards the guar The chair can fall down partway and the glitch will still
wor When it touches the guard, jump on it then jump onto hi You will be pushed
past the guard and into the armory hallwa Slash the lock with your knife to ente
Use the same chair technique in the armory or the other room to get ou

Performance Fix:
Go into your Usealx fil
Make sure you create a backup of your original file in case anything goes wron

Replace all the text with the following:

_preset Default
ai_use_torch_dynamic_lights on
bind jump kSPACE
bind crouch kRCONTROL
bind crouch_toggle kSLASH
bind accel kLSHIFT
bind sprint_toggle kX
bind forward kUP
bind back kDOWN
bind lstrafe kLEFT
bind rstrafe kRIGHT
bind llookout kQ
bind rlookout kE
bind cam_zoom_in kADD
bind cam_zoom_out kSUBTRACT
bind torch kL
bind night_vision kN
bind wpn_1 k1
bind wpn_2 k2
bind wpn_3 k3
bind wpn_4 k4
bind wpn_5 k5
bind wpn_6 k6
bind artefact k7
bind wpn_next kY
bind wpn_fire mouse1
bind wpn_zoom mouse2
bind wpn_reload kR
bind wpn_func kV
bind wpn_firemode_prev k9
bind wpn_firemode_next k0
bind pause kPAUSE
bind drop kG
bind use kF
bind scores kTAB
bind chat kCOMMA
bind chat_team kPERIOD
bind screenshot kF12
bind quit kESCAPE
bind console kGRAVE
bind inventory kI
bind buy_menu kB
bind skin_menu kO
bind team_menu kU
bind active_jobs kP
bind map kM
bind contacts kH
bind vote_begin kF5
bind vote kF6
bind vote_yes kF7
bind vote_no kF8
bind speech_menu_0 kC
bind speech_menu_1 kZ
bind use_bandage kRBRACKET
bind use_medkit kLBRACKET
cam_slide_inert 25
cl_cod_pickup_mode 1
cl_dynamiccrosshair on
g_always_run on
g_autopickup on
g_backrun on
g_corpsenum 10
g_eventdelay 0
g_game_difficulty gd_stalker
hud_crosshair on
hud_crosshair_dist off
mm_mm_net_srv_dedicated off
mm_net_con_publicserver off
mm_net_con_spectator 20
mm_net_con_spectator_on off
mm_net_srv_gamemode st_deathmatch
mm_net_srv_maxplayers 32
mm_net_srv_name BLACKBOX
mm_net_srv_reinforcement_type 1
mouse_invert off
mouse_sens 32
net_cl_icurvesize 0
net_cl_icurvetype 0
net_cl_log_data off
net_cl_pending_lim 3
net_cl_update_rate 30
net_dedicated_sleep 5
net_sv_log_data off
net_sv_pending_lim 3
net_sv_update_rate 30
ph_frequency 700000
ph_iterations 24
r1_dlights on
r1_dlights_clip 1
r1_glows_per_frame 16
r1_lmodel_lerp 1
r1_pps_u –
r1_ssa_lod_a 6
r1_ssa_lod_b 4
r2_aa off
r2_aa_break 800000,500000,000000
r2_aa_kernel 5
r2_aa_weight 250000,250000,000000
r2_allow_r1_lights off
r2_gi off
r2_gi_clip 001
r2_gi_depth 1
r2_gi_photons 16
r2_gi_refl 9
r2_gloss_factor 4
r2_ls_bloom_fast off
r2_ls_bloom_kernel_b 7
r2_ls_bloom_kernel_scale 7
r2_ls_bloom_speed 10
r2_ls_bloom_threshold 001
r2_ls_depth_bias -0003
r2_ls_depth_scale 00001
r2_ls_dsm_kernel 7
r2_ls_psm_kernel 7
r2_ls_squality 5
r2_ls_ssm_kernel 7
r2_parallax_h 04
r2_slight_fade 05
r2_ssa_lod_a 9
r2_ssa_lod_b 6
r2_sun on
r2_sun_depth_far_bias -00001
r2_sun_depth_near_bias 00001
r2_sun_details off
r2_sun_focus on
r2_sun_lumscale_amb 5
r2_sun_near 1
r2_sun_near_border 75
r2_sun_tsm on
r2_sun_tsm_bias -01
r2_sun_tsm_proj 3
r2_tf_mipbias –
r2_tonemap on
r2_tonemap_amount 7
r2_tonemap_lowlum 0001
r2_tonemap_middlegray 6
r2_wait_sleep 0
r2_zfill off
r2_zfill_depth 5
r__detail_density 44
r__geometry_lod 2
r__supersample 4
r__tf_aniso 12
renderer renderer_r2
rs_c_gamma 2
rs_fullscreen on
rs_refresh_60hz off
rs_stats off
rs_v_sync off
snd_acceleration on
snd_cache_size 32
snd_efx on
snd_targets 24
snd_volume_eff 8
sv_anomalies_enabled 1
sv_anomalies_length 3
sv_artefact_respawn_delta 30
sv_artefact_stay_time 3
sv_artefacts_count 10
sv_auto_team_balance 0
sv_auto_team_swap 1
sv_bearercantsprint 1
sv_client_reconnect_time 60
sv_console_update_rate 1
sv_dedicated_server_update_rate 100
sv_dmgblockindicator 1
sv_dmgblocktime 0
sv_forcerespawn 0
sv_fraglimit 10
sv_friendly_indicators 0
sv_friendly_names 0
sv_hail_to_winner_time 7000
sv_pda_hunt 1
sv_pending_wait_time 10000
sv_reinforcement_time 0
sv_remove_corpse 1
sv_remove_weapon 1
sv_returnplayers 1
sv_rpoint_freeze_time 0
sv_shieldedbases 1
sv_spectr_firsteye 1
sv_spectr_freefly 0
sv_spectr_freelook 1
sv_spectr_lookat 1
sv_spectr_teamcamera 1
sv_statistic_collect 1
sv_statistic_save_auto 0
sv_timelimit 0
sv_vote_enabled 1
sv_vote_participants 0
sv_vote_quota 51
sv_warm_up 0
texture_lod 2
vid_mode 1280×1024


In the biging go to the barmaand keep clicking on the words and go to the of
boss guHe will tell a bunch of shit then he’ll tell a trader to give you a alot
of shithen do what it tell’s you what to dand when you get to the tower when
the emission hapin’s gust stand ther and u are told u are a super human!!!!!
But you nevis(feeling’s) sytem is damage

No’t getting robed:

When you are about to be robed go to go to the nearest trader and buy the stuff you want
until you don’t have any monethen go to the place you are about to get robed and drop
all your stuff outside so you don’t have anything in your inventorthen go in and those
shitheads will talk and all you will have took from you is the money you did not spen

blood-sucker tips:

Just letting you know, that blood-suckers are invincible when invisibl say that ten
times to understand, s the trick to kill a blood-sucker is to wait until they came
close to you, track their eyeballs to know their position, then when they 'uncloaked’
themselves slash/shoot in fac


You get robed by bandits at the flee market of al youre gear when chasing Fan But if you
dump all you’re gear before entering the door,they only take you’re money! I droped it
behind the building,so you can get it back fas
In some zone’s you’re gear gets taken by a group that are waiting for you when you enter
that zonIf you don’t comply,they whill shoot you! So save you’re game before leaving a
zone and when you do run in to them,make a run for it before they start talking to you,they
whill see you and start shooting,ceep runnig! they Won’t chase yo Avoid the rest of the
stalkers there to,just do you’re asignmenWhen you go back you pass them again, kill them
before they kill you,if you’re at a safe distance from them,this is no proble
Good luck!

Easy early gam:

when in the swamps collect all the renegade gund and sell them to the traderas soon
as you have 15 grands buy CS-1 Body Armor form the traderit is btter than the stalker
suit in all termsand also worth the is especiall useful in garbage
cordon ,garbage and dark valley areas which have many anomalies and u r searching for the
flash drive whic are usually situated inside the stashes inside anomalie

Unlimited fully upgraded Vintar BC:

When you have done the mission for forrester in the red forrest he will reward you with an
upgraded vintar bc, do not finish the dialogue, instead, once you have the vintar, exit the
dialogue box and start talking to him again, he will give you another one, repeat for more
vintars, They sell for a lot of cas

Unlimited Money:

Before trade with someone check your mone It doesn’t matter how much you hav
Alt+Tab the game or Ctrl+alt+delete open Cheat Engine and choose theexe of the gam
First scan your mone You will get a large amount of result So go back to the game,
buy something return and check what result change Check all results because 2 results
(or more) changGrab those results with the red arrow and change the value from
(money you have after trade) to 0000000 it doesnt matter how much you gonna ente
And you’re done! This cheat works for all Stalker Serie

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