Cobra 11 – Crash Time

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Cobra 11 – Crash Time

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Cheat mode:
Load your profile, then enter one of the following codes during game play.

Code Effect
fullgarage – All cars
wantstreets – All tracks
adac – Repair car; will repair all cars in split-screen mode.
useshell – Indestructible car
eatlead – Double weapon range, faster and automatic firing.
needspeed – Unlimited nitrous.
goaway – Exploding traffic
wannago – Disable automatic roll back onto track.
johnwayne – Unlimited wins in Patrol and single race modes
(not split-screen) for ten seconds.

Race with a truck:
Select split screen mode and enter Cheater as a name for player one and
High End as a name for player two. Press {ENTER} then continue to press
{ENTER} at the remaining prompts. Then, press [Esc] and go to single race
mode. Select a car and you will will race a truck.

All tracks:
Successfully complete all cases and Code 9807 under the Hard difficulty

File mode:
Successfully complete a case under the Normal or higher difficulty setting.
This mode allows you to repeat a previously completed mission on a case.

Sports car and race car:
Successfully complete a case to unlock the sports car and race car for it.

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