Conflict Zone

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Conflict Zone

Cheat Codes:
Type these codes during gameplay to activate cheat function:
Press C to activate the Chat-Window, then press BACKSPACE.

Code Result
REPLAY ALL MISSIONS – Access all Missions
WIN – Win Mission
MY TAYLOR IS RICH – 20.000 points and 100 % Popular

Mission 4: Releasing Hooper from prison:
* Get one of your commandos into the prison. The prison will explode,
and your commander will still be standing there. Take him to the
northeast village and avoid the GHOST troops.

* When you want to save Hooper from prison, take two Commandos, one Tank,
one Mobile Artillery, and two Bazookas. Send the rest to the outpost
by the right slope to get on top of the hill. Wait until they start
blowing it up. Then, take the remaining men you held and go to the base.
Blow up the prison with Commandos. There will be no men or machine gun
bunkers. Then, send him to the flag at the northeast village. Do not
worry — there will be one or two men, but Hooper is strong and will
make it without fighting.

Attack faster:
Build structures that make units (Barracks, V. Factories, etc.), then have
each of them to make units. For example, if you made two Barracks and told
one to make fifteen soldiers and the other to make fifteen soldiers, both
barracks will make them. This works for both IPC and GHOST.
This trick will allow you to make soldiers and attack a lot faster.

Skirmish mode:
The best map is Sardines as you can build more on there. A good trick is
to build all the newest things that comes out. However this will require
a lot of money, and some of the new things you unlock are useless. For
example, the planes, spies, commandos, subs, boats, advanced things,
doctors, civilian helicopters, and grenadiers.

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