Cricket 2005 – Platform: XBox

Getting the opposition out faster:
Try to bring the medium fast or medium bowler on. Then, place the bowling marker
just short of the good length spot or even further down towards the bowler. Try
inswing the ball or outswing but drop the speed to almost nothing. Keep the
speed to two or three lines (yellow meter). The batsman will play a backfoot
defensive shot and eventually get bowled or LBW. Another way of getting the
batsman out quickly is bring the medium fast or fast bowler and try bowling
inswing bouncer and place a fileder at deep thirdman for a catch. This trick
only works when the batsman is new to the crease or tailenders.
Bring in a fast bowler (for example, McGrath) and aim a normal delivery behind
either the middle or the off stump. Put the bar up to almost full power and let
it rip. Most batters will swing and miss or be caught LBW.
Keeping the scoreboard moving or hitting some runs
Always bring the left handed batsman first and aim for the leg side boundary for
a six hit shot; he will succeed a lot of the time. In test matches, do not rush
for runs or you will get out very quickly. Place your innings and play the ball
in the gaps.