Cybermercs – The Soldiers Of The 22nd Century

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Cybermercs – The Soldiers Of The 22nd Century

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

First press {Alt} + [F12] to bring up the entry screen. Now type
in wlrnwhdakf or doomsday to enable the cheat mode. You should
see the phrase Cheatcode Enable appear. Now press {Alt} + [F12]
then {ENTER} and type one of the codes below.

Code Effect
Adjust character’s intelligence – int [1-999]
Adjust character’s dexterity – dex [1-999]
Adjust character’s damage strength – hit [1-999]
Adjust character’s strength – str [1-999]
Enable one hit kills – onekill on
Disable one hit kills – onekill off
More money – money [1-999]
Enable timer again – time on
Stop timer – time off
Enable timer – again time on
Invincibility – invulnerable on
Disable invincibility – invulnerable off

*Note: Cheats are only active for the current level and must be
re-activated if needed.

Kody do gier

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