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Flash Game Cheat Codes:

Enter one of the following codes at the „Enter Cheat Codes” screen
to activate the corresponding cheat functio

Code Effect
CHEESE – Low gravity
GERBIL – Super gravity
ELVIS – Auto boost
HADDOCK – Haddock costume
SNEAKY START – Press [Up] just before „Go” appears for fast star

Beating the balloon:
As soon as the race starts, lean forward, and do your front wheeli
Hold it as long as you can as often as you ca Get that boost rating
u Also, get a feel for where the bumps are in the level, and try to
bunny hop over the Make sure you’ve been buying speed upgrades to

How to boost:
Tricks fill your trick mete When your trick meter is full, it initiates
a boos If you keep filling your trick meter while boosting, it will
multiply the boos The easiest to do this with is Sir Colin or Farty
Pant They spin so easily that you can do front flips by just bunny
hopping and rotating forwar Keep those tricks coming, and the boost will
blast to the x5 multiplier!

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