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    Version: 4
    This game was produced by Knowledge Adventure, In
    for the Windows P
    + Introduction
    + Story
    + General Information
    + Characters & Enemies
    + Items
    + Puzzles & Quizzes
    + Guide to the Walkthrough
    + Walkthrough

    The walkthrough only covers the easy version of the gam
    D Brain has just put the finishing touches on his latest experiment; the
    Interdimensional Transporter Machine (IDTM You win the coin toss to see
    who gets to try it out firs Armed with nothing more than a special
    jumpsuit,, you are sent on your way by D Brai However, something goes
    terribly wron The IDTM breaks apart and you crash-land in an alternative
    universe filled with strange fauna and flor Marooned and surrounded by
    Robots eager to harness your human brainpower, you must find the lost pieces
    of the IDTM before the robots rebuild it as a gateway to Eart The Robots
    have created puzzles in this bizzare landscape to identify the smart
    creatures whose brainpower they wish to harnes Are you smart enough and
    fast enough to solve the puzzles, defeat the Robots, and ensure the survival
    of Earth,

    General Information

    Return to Earth! Find the eleven missing IDTM pieces by exploring different
    environments, solving perplexing puzzles, using strange indigenous tools,
    and defeating the Robots and other dangerous creature


    Every level, with the exceptions of Levels 2, 8, 13 and 14, contain a piece
    of the Interdimensional Transporter Machin Collect all 11 pieces to return
    to EartOften the pieces are guarded by perplexing puzzles and hostile


    Througout the game you will explore five environment They are:

    Jungle: Levels 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 10, and 1
    Cavern: Levels 3, 4, 8, 11, and 1
    Pollution: Levels 5, 6, 7 and 1
    Outpost: Levels 4, 7, 8 and 1
    Metropolis: Levels 9, 14 and 1

    Jungle, Cavern and Metropolis are the only environments that can be found by
    themselve Pollution is found within the Jungle onl Robot Outposts litter
    the land, and are only found within other environment The robot Metropolis
    is a large Outpost that takes up an entire level, and is the only
    environment that CANNOT have any other type of environment with i If it
    does have another type with it, it turns into an Outpos The three
    Metropolises make up the Robot Fortess, Level 9 being the Outer Ring, Level
    14 being the Middle Ring and Level 15 being the Inner Rin At the center of
    the Robot Fortress is the final IDTM piec

    Characters and Enemies

    Friendly Creatures

    Botan: Readings show that these creatures are comprised of mostly plant
    matte If you talk to them, they may help yo

    Grass Bug: These harmless insects won’t hurt yo But more importantly, you
    can pick them up and put them in your inventor They can be used as decoys
    to distract the Mutans, and they are poisonous to the Snapdragon!

    Hostile Creatures

    Dragonfly: Found near water, the dragonfly’s venom slows their victim down,
    making it harder to get awa This fast-moving insect is pretty easy to
    defeat, in fact, one zap is usually all it take Once you have beaten the
    Dragonfly, you can pick up a stinger to use later o This stinger will slow
    down any player or creature!

    Fumblebee: The sneaky fumble bee can snatch items right out of your
    inventory! It’s best to keep your distance from this giant insect, which is
    always found near flower If you zap a Fumble Bee enough times, you will
    get a Fumble Bee Stinge You can use the stinger to make another player or
    creature drop an item!

    Snapdragon: These are large meat-eating plant To a snapdragon, you look
    like a nice snack, so keep your distance! Grass bugs are poisonous to

    Spider: Be carefu It looks like they are very protective, and can be
    dangerous if you get too clos


    Friendly Creatures

    Moles: These easy-going cave dwellers may have helpful information if you
    ask the

    Worms: These are just your garden-variety worm They won’t hurt you, but
    can be used to help you get past Root

    Hostile Creatures

    Bat: When they attack in waves, the bats can hurt you, but when you defeat
    them, their wings remain, and you can use their wings like boomerangs to
    reach switches that are far awa

    Fungus: You’ll know the fungus by its slimy appearanc The best way to
    defeat it is just to run away from it, but that might be hard – – it’s faster
    than you are!

    Rock Monster: These living stone giants can crush anything that gets in
    their way, including you! Be very careful around these slow-moving
    creature Luckily, they are limited to the lava areas of the caverns, and
    can only attack if they are standing right next to their enem These things
    are so intent on destruction that they will even chase after worms!

    Root: Tough and strong, the roots attack from the ground itself, entangling
    the feet of its victim Watch your step! You can distract the Root for a
    few seconds if you toss it a wor


    Hostile Creatures

    Mutan: Stay away from these bad-tempered beasts! They were almost killed by
    toxic pollution, and they’re still mad about i They will chase almost
    anything that moves, but due to the level of pollution they received, they
    can’t step on unpolluted groun


    Hostile Creatures:

    Eye Bot: These guys have a single eye stalk rising out of their metal
    bodies, and aren’t very smar They’ll shoot at almost anything that moves,
    especially you! They’ll start shooting from a distance, and their zaps get
    stronger the closer they ge It’s best to defeat these enemies before they
    can get right next to yo

    Guard Bot: These guards can detect non-robots even farther away than the
    Tread Bots, and they are just as deadl

    Sentry Bot: These guards can’t move, but walk past them and you’ll get a
    nasty za Unfortunately, sometimes you have to walk past them!

    Tread Bot: This guard is constantly on the move, looking for anything
    non-robotic to shoot a

    Quiz Bot: When a Quiz Bot hits you with a Quiz Bomb, you better be quick to
    answe If you don’t answer fast enough, you’ll lose some brainpowe


    Bag of Seeds: Mutans hate grass! Use this bag of grass seeds to surround
    them with grass and render them incapable of movin

    Botan Bamboo Skirt: With this in your inventory, Fumblebees can’t make you
    drop items and no-one can use a Fumblebee stinger on yo

    Brain Fruit: Use this handy item to restore your brainpowe

    Disguises: Use a Disguise to transform into another creatur Blend in with
    the natives!

    Dragonfly Stinger: Use the Dragonfly’s stinger to slow an enemy or another
    player dow

    Fumblebee Stinger: Use this stinger to make creatures drop items that they
    are holdin

    Keys: Use these keys to unlock doors and open gate

    Snapdragon Seed: Defeat a Snapdragon to get one of thes Throw this at your
    enemies to damage or destroy the

    Spiky Pear: Use this handy weapon to damage or destroy your enemie

    Batwing Boomerang: Defeat a Bat to get one of thes Use the boomerang to
    hit levers which are out of your reac

    Disguises: Use a Disguise to transform into another creatur Blend in with
    the natives!

    Frozen Crystal: Throw this crystal at your enemies to freeze them in their
    track While frozen, enemies can’t attack or chase yo

    Medicine Flask: This helpful mole medicine restores your brainpowe

    Paw of Gathering: Use the Ancient Paw to grab items which are out of your

    Primitive Weapon: Throw this at your enemies to damage or destroy the

    Relics: Lots of moles like to collect Relic If you give them one, they may
    give you a handy item in retur

    Spiked Club: Same as the Primitive Weapon but it can be used several time

    Zap Mine: Place a Zap Mine on the ground and it becomes invisibl Then, if
    someone steps on it (you or an enemy) the mine will damage the

    Access Cards: Place an Access Card in a lock to open a door or a hatc

    Brain Orb: This orb can restore brainpower multiple time

    Brain Shield: With this helmet in your inventory, Quiz Bots won’t be able to
    quiz yo

    Disguise Chips: Use a Disguise to transform into another creatur Blend in
    with the natives!

    Drill: This robot tool can be used to drill through roc

    Dynamite: Use this explosive to blast through stalagmite

    Energy Drainer: This item will slow down enemies, giving you an oppurtunity
    to escape!

    Force Field: Set up force fields around your enemies to slow them dow

    Freeze Ray Gun: Shoot this at your enemies to freeze them in their track
    While frozen, enemies can’t attack or chase yo The Freeze Ray can be used
    multiple time

    Giant Magnet: Use the magnet to hit levers that are out of your reac

    Magnetized Arm: Use the Magnetized Arm to grab items which are out of your

    Plasma Orb: Use this plasma weapon to damage or destroy your enemie

    Plasma Staff: Same as the Plasma Orb, but it can be used multiple time

    Power Charge: Use the power charge to make you run faste

    Robot Vest: With this in your inventory, you’re protected against enemy
    attacks for a whil

    Puzzles & Quizzes

    Throughout your journey through this strange world, you will encounter
    puzzle Solving these puzzles allow you to cross dangerous paths, open
    doors, unlock secret stashes, and get brainpowe These are the puzzles you
    will encounter:

    A group of creatures is not satisfied with its arrangemen Push on the
    neighbouring creature Every creature must match at least one of its
    neighbours with at least one characteristi When all the neighbours are
    satisfied, you have completed the puzzl

    A laser beam fence blocks your path! The colored lasers flow from left to
    right, passing through transformers that can change the colors of the
    laser To short out the lasers, so you can get by, the colors of the
    rightmost lasers need to match the colored rectangular lights on the far
    right transforme When a laser entering the transformer matches the
    rectangular light next to it, it lights u A white rectangle will light up
    >from any color lase When all three rectangular lights on the transformer
    are lit up, the laser beams will change to the colors indicated by the
    colored arrow If there is a white arrow, the beam’s color will not be
    altere Click on a transformer to change the pattern of colored lights on
    its sid Find a sequence that will change the beams coming from the left
    side of the puzzle to the colors on the rectangular lights on the right side
    of the puzzl

    There are slots on the ground with fuses lying aroun The fuses look like a
    cross with a different color on each sid
    You need to pick up the fuses and arrange them in the slots so that the side
    of a fuse of each points to the points to the side of another fuse which is
    the same colou A completed fuse box puzzle might look like this:

    R R———–R R
    B R
    R B———–B R
    B R


    As you can see, you need to match colours to colours to solve the puzzl

    Hint: Try laying the pieces out in your inventory to figure out the puzzle
    before you put the pieces

    If you see fish, crabs, or orbs moving around, pick them u You’ll need
    them for a pattern bridge puzzl A pattern bridge puzzle is when a bridge
    of creatures has been broken up by robot Look at the bridge pieces already
    laid down and try to determine if there is a patter Place all the missing
    pieces where they belong to solve the puzzlBut be carefu If you try to
    place a piece where it doesn’t belong, the bridge guardian will zap you!

    If you see a field of flowers, tiles, or patterened rocks ahead you know
    that a Pattern Minefield is coming u You must look for a path and, if you
    take a wrong step, you’ll get zappe Try looking for, at the beginning of a
    Minefield, a tile that matches one touching i If the one it matches
    matches another one, keep looking and you’ll find the pat This is probably
    the easiest kind of puzzl

    If you see two odd pairs of statues, eggs, or poles, you know you’ve come to
    a Symbol Reflex puzzl Each time you click an object in the puzzle, one or
    more of its characteristics will chang Unlike the Affinity Network puzzle,
    each set of partners must match in ALL characteristic If you take too long
    to solve the puzzle you will get zappe Once all the sets are matched, you
    beat the puzzl

    Here there are a certain number of items (levers or statues) that can be in
    one of two positions, up/down or on/of You must set the items so they are
    all in the same positio Sounds simple, huh, Well, some items are linked to
    others so that if one changes position, so does the othe However, this is
    still an easy puzzl

    Pick up the pipes lying around and fit them into the a nearby pipe syste
    The pipes should fit in so there aren’t any open ends in the syste You
    can’t rotate pipes: they only fit in one directio

    This puzzle is a lot like a fuse box puzzl Just rotate the wheel so that
    each color is the same as the color it points t Check the indicators
    between the wheels to see if you’ve made a matc

    Which of the four shapes at the bottom fits the sequence at the top, Pick
    the right one or get a nasty zap!

    If you could fold the picture at the top into a cube, what would it look
    like, Pick one of the pictures at the bottom to make your choic

    You are shown a target shape, then must choose which shape or shapes are
    needed to create the targe

    You see a line pattern, and the same pattern with some of the lines remove
    You have to choose a pattern that when added to the partial pattern, makes
    the given shap

    You have to pick which of the choices is the same as the box on top, only
    rotated (turned

    Guide to the Walkthrough

    LEVEL , : The level’s name and number
    Type: The level environment (or environments)
    Puzzles: The puzzles you will solve in this level
    Enemies: The hostile creatures you will encounter in this leve
    Walkthrough: A complete guide to the level, showing where to go, what to do,
    and where key items ar

    Now, it’s time for the walkthrough!

    LEVEL 1
    Type: Jungle
    Puzzles: Pattern Minefield
    Enemies: Snapdragon
    Walkthrough: Walk through the trees and you’ll see the crater where the IDTM
    lande In the area are several Brain Fruit, pick them up and use the
    (Well, I think you should use the because you lose a lot of brainpower in
    the cras) Walk past the big T Now, flip the switch and go through the
    doo In the clearing you come to you’ll find 6 spiky pears and 3 brain
    frui You should also pick up a Grass Bug for the upcoming Snapdrago In
    the center you’ll find a Pattern Minefiel Cross it and flip the lever on
    the other side, then return and go through the door at the edge of the
    clearin Go around the lake, then kill the Snapdragon and grab Machine
    Piece #1!

    LEVEL 2
    Type: Jungle
    Puzzles: Symbol Reflex, Pattern Minefield
    Enemies: Fumblebee, Snapdragon
    Walkthrough: Start out by solving the Symbol Reflex puzzl After you solve
    it, the dinosaur’s tail will vanish into the ground, clearing a path for
    yo You’ll now come to a large clearin Pick up three Grass Bugs (there
    are three Snapdragons later) and also there are some Spiky Pears which you
    can use to kill the three Fumblebees and get three Fumblebee stinger Now,
    approach the two Botan Speak to the one on the bamboo stoo Click
    ‚village’ then click ‚come in’ and the Botan blocking the entrance will
    move, allowing you to enter the villag Cross the villag The Botan near
    the big tree has 3 Brain Fruit if you use your Fumblebee stingers on hi
    Now speak to the Botan near the locked gat Click ‚key’ then click ‚key’
    again to receive the gate ke Open the gate with i Go through the gate
    and cross the Pattern Minefiel Now kill the three Snapdragons, and go down
    the stairs to Level

    LEVEL 3
    Type: Cavern
    Puzzles: Symbol Reflex, Pattern Bridge, Pattern Minefield
    Enemies: Bat
    Walkthrough: Walk down the passag Ignore the mole (he has nothing
    interesting to say) and go past the stas Solve the Symbol Reflex puzzle
    and return to the stash, which is now ope Collect the three Primitive
    Weapons insid Go back past the Symbol Reflex and into a room with three
    bat Kill them and grab the batwing boomerangs they leave behin Now go
    down the passag Grab the two fish and put them in place to solve the
    Pattern Bridge puzzl On the other side is a mole who isn’t that
    helpfuye Go through the room he’s in and down the passag Cross the
    Pattern Minefiel On the other side is an open stas Grab the Relic inside
    and return to the mol Speak to hi Click ‚trade’ then ‚yes’ and the relic
    will disappear from your inventor You will get a Paw of Gathering in
    retur Search the room that the moleman is in to find a door with a lever
    on the other sid Use a Batwing to hit the lever, opening the doo Go
    throug Now, use the Paw of Gathering to grab Piece #2 from the mole

    LEVEL 4
    Type: Cavern/Outpost
    Puzzles: Wheel Lock, Pattern Bridge, Symbol Reflex, Pattern Minefield
    Enemies: Fungus
    Walkthrough: Solve the Wheel Lock puzzle to open the doo Go through into
    the mole’s hous The mole isn’t very helpful, but you should grab the Power
    Charge next to him; you’ll need it for the Fungu Go through the house into
    the mushroom fores Get the three Medicine Flasks in the forest, then go
    cross the Pattern Bridg Now you’ll come to a room where the floor is
    covered in fungu There are also two Fungus creatures in the room, so use
    your Power Charg Once you’ve got through the fungus room you will be in
    the first Robot Outpos Ignore the Drainbrain machine with the mole for
    now, and go on to the room with the Symbol Reflex puzzl Solve it and go
    through the door to the room containing a power switc Flip the switch and
    return to the mol Speak to him (evidently you’ve turned off the machine)
    and click ‚key’ to get an Access Car Use it in the nearby lock to open the
    doo Now cross the pattern minefield for Piece #3!

    LEVEL 5
    Type: Jungle/Pollution
    Puzzles: Symbol Reflex, Wheel Lock, Water Pipes, Pattern Bridge, Pattern
    Enemies: Eye Bot, Dragonfly, Snapdragon
    Walkthrough: Walk along the passag Go through the Botan village, and after
    some searching, you should find a Symbol Reflex puzzl Solve it to open a
    stash of spiky pears which you will need late Now go and find the entrance
    to the Pollutio As soon as you enter the Pollution you’ll see a Wheel Lock
    puzzl Solve it and a path will appear in the polluted pond, leading to a
    stash with a robot ves Continue through the pollution and you’ll come to a
    Water Pipes puzzl Solve it to open a path across the nearby polluted pon
    When you get to the other side an Eye Bot will appea Defeat it with your
    spiky pears and then cross the Pattern Bridge puzzl On the other side
    you’ll find two Snapdragons and a Dragonfl If you want, beat the Dragonfly
    to get its stinge Also, pick up the Ke On the other side of this area is
    a Pattern Minefield with a hidden stash on the other side containing 5 Brain
    Frui Now go back all the way to the Botan Villag Here, use the Key to
    unlock the orchar In the orchard is Piece #

    LEVEL 6
    Type: Jungle/Pollution
    Puzzles: Affinity Network, Beam Transformer, Water Pipes, Wheel Lock,
    Pattern Bridge
    Enemies: Eye Bot, Mutan, Spider
    Walkthrough: You’ll appear in a large Botan Villag Scattered around are
    lots and lots of Brain Frui Search around a little and you’ll find an
    Affinity Network Puzzl When you solve it you will gain access to a stash
    containing 8 spiky pear Now head to the opposite end of the villag There
    are two Eye Bots there who periodically change into Botan Beat them with
    your Spiky Pear When you beat them they leave behind two chip Each one
    transforms you into a Bota Save them; you’ll need them late Now solve
    the Beam Transformer puzzle and progress to the Pollutio Here you’ll find
    a Wheel Lock puzzle and a Water Pipes puzzl The Water Pipes puzzle only
    get you a couple of Energy Drainers but the Wheel Lock gives you access to
    two teleporter Go on the right on You’ll appear in a polluted area full
    of Mutan Use a chip to transform into a Botan (so that the Mutans won’t
    bother you) and collect the three crabs in the are Now leave by the
    teleporter and warp on the other on Put the crabs in place on the Pattern
    Bridge puzzl Now cross the spider web, avoiding the spiders (or kill them
    with spiky pears if you want) and grab Machine Piece #

    LEVEL 7
    Type: Jungle/Pollution/Outpost
    Puzzles: Affinity Network, Water Pipes, Pattern Bridge, Symbol Reflex, Wheel
    Enemies: Mutan, Eye Bot
    Walkthrough: First, solve the Affinity Network puzzl This will open a
    stash with 6 Spiky Pears in i Now, head over to the polluted are Before
    entering it, however, speak to the Botan nearby to get some bags of seed
    Now search the polluted area, being careful of Mutans, for the pipes for the
    Water Pipes puzzl When you have solved the Water Pipes puzzle, search for
    the entrance to the Outpost and go i Kill the Eye Bot with your Spiky
    Pears, then collect the Pattern Bridge orbs and cross the Pattern Bridg On
    the other side you’ll find a Symbol Reflex puzzl Solve it and a stash will
    open containing a Ke Search around until you find a gate, then put the Key
    in the lock ther On the other side of the gate is a Wheel Lock puzzl
    Solve it, then search around until you find a polluted pond with islands in
    i Cross the islands and Machine Piece #6 is on the other sid

    LEVEL 8
    Type: Cavern/Outpost
    Puzzles: Affinity Network, Water Pipes, Pattern Bridge, Wheel Lock, Beam
    Enemies: Root, Bat, Tread Bot
    Walkthrough: First, go past the Roots and solve the Affinity Network Puzzl
    Once you solve it, a door will open, with 4 Medicine Flasks behind i Now
    solve the Water Pipes puzzle and a hatch will ope Drop through the hatch
    into the Mole Villag None of the Moles have anything helpful to say, so
    walk through the village and drop through the hatch on the other sid Next,
    solve the Pattern Bridge puzzl Either before or after the puzzle will be
    some Primitive Weapon Kill two of the bats after the Pattern Bridge, then
    solve the Wheel Lock puzzl When you solve it you will have access to three
    stashed containing a Spiked Club, 3 Primitive Weapons and 3 Zap Mine Now
    beat the last Bat, and pick up all the Batwing Boomerang Now drop through
    the hatch you came into the room b In the room you land in there is a
    Tread Bot: KILL IT FAST (I recommend you use the Spiked Club Now go
    through the doors at the edge of the room and use a Batwing Boomerang to hit
    the leve Speak to the Mole, and click the only highlighted word and you
    will receive an Access Car The mole will follow you (don’t worry: he helps
    you Now look for a passage in the wal You will find a very small Outpost
    with a Beam Transformer blocking the wa Solve it and put the Access Card
    in the loc The hatch will open, and you can drop through into Level

    LEVEL 9
    Type: Metropolis
    Puzzles: Affinity Network, Beam Transformer, Fuse Box, Pattern Bridge, Water
    Enemies: Eye Bot, Quiz Bot
    Walkthrough: Your Mole friend (yep: he’s still there) will beat an Eye Bot
    for yo Solve the Affinity Network puzzle, and once you solve it, a door
    will ope Behind it are 3 stashes containing a Freeze Ray Gun, 2 Robot
    Vests, and 6 Plasma Orb Also in the room are 3 Bridge Piece Now head
    past the Affinity Network in the other direction, towards the Quiz Bot
    Collect the Bridge Pieces in their area and don’t mind if they quiz you
    (because they’re the first Quiz Bots in the game, their quizzes are pretty
    easy) or you can freeze them with your Freeze Ray Gu Eventually, your
    friend will kill both Quiz Bot Collect more Bridge Pieces and head for the
    Beam Transforme There are two Eye Bots behind it, and you can kill them if
    you wan Once you get through the gate, kill an Eye Bot (if you haven’t
    already) and let your friend kill the other on Get more bridge pieces, and
    solve the Fuse Box puzzl Solving it releases the Mole’s imprisoned
    friend Now head for the Pattern Bridg Cross it, then have your friend
    kill the two Eye Bot Solve the Water Pipes puzzle, go through the
    consequently opened door and grab Machine Piece #7!

    LEVEL 10
    Type: Jungle
    Puzzles: Toggle Network, Pattern Bridge, Fuse Box, Affinity Network, Beam
    Enemies: Spider, Fumblebee
    Walkthrough: Solve the Toggle Network puzzle and go through the doo Don’t
    cross the Spider webs ye Walk around and pick up all the crabs (there are
    lots) and cross the Pattern Bridge to the Bota Talk to him and click
    ‚building friends’ then ‚problems’ then ‚Fumble Bees’ then ‚want’ and you
    will receive a handy Botan Bamboo Skir Go back and search the spider web
    Eventually you’ll find a Fuse Box puzzle and an Affinity Network puzzl You
    get an Access Card for each one you solv Now search some more and you’ll
    find a place with three lock Fit in the two Access Cards you already have
    and you’ll find the third Key next to the third Loc Put it in place and a
    door will open, giving you access to a Teleporte Teleport on it and you
    will arrive by a Beam Transformer puzzl Solve it and you gain access to a
    stash containing three plasma orbs, and also a dril Teleport back (you can
    use the Plasma Orbs to kill the Fumblebees if you want) then do just a
    little more searching until you find Machine Piece #8 encircled by roc
    Drill through the rock and grab the piece!

    LEVEL 11
    Type: Cavern
    Puzzles: Pattern Minefield, Toggle Network, Fuse Box, Beam Transformer,
    Pattern Bridge
    Enemies: Rock Monster
    Walkthrough: Start by grabbing the Primitive Weapons from the nearby stas
    They aren’t very useful, but you can defeat one Rock Monster with the (A
    quick note: this level is full of Rock Monsters Look around and you’ll
    find three puzzles: a Pattern Minefield, a Toggle Network and a Fuse Bo
    For each puzzle you solve you’ll get a Reli Trade the relics to the mole
    near that start for a Rock Monster Disguis There’s no particular time you
    need to use it, in fact I’ve done the level several times without i Once
    you have the disguise, look for the cave with the worm Collect all 4, then
    look for the nearby Beam Transformer puzzl Solve it, then go throug
    Collect all the fish, then go back to the main cave and do the Pattern
    Bridge puzzl (I recommend that you use your disguise now, if you got i)
    On the other side are a lot of Rock Monsters and a leve Flip the lever and
    a door will open, giving you access to Machine Piece #

    LEVEL 12
    Type: Cavern/Outpost
    Puzzles: Symbol Reflex, Wheel Lock, Toggle Network, Fuse Box, Water Pipes
    Enemies: Fungus, Bat, Root, Eye Bot
    Walkthrough: Drop down the hatch which is right next to you at the star
    Solve the Symbol Reflex puzzl When you solve it, a stash opens, containing
    3 Primitive Weapons, 2 Power Charges and a Robot Ves Also, talk to the
    nearby mole and click ‚one of these’ to get another Primitive Weapo Now go
    back up, and use a Power Charge to cross to the only open hatch in the
    fungu Drop down, and you’ll see a Wheel Lock puzzl Solve it, and three
    bats will be unleashe Beat them with primitve weapons and pick up all the
    boomerangs (you need them all on this level Now go back up to the fungu
    Flip all three levers in the small outpost using your boomerangs, then drop
    in the hatch nearest the one you last went i Solve the Toggle Network,
    then go through the door and you’ll see the Roots and an Eye Bo Ignore the
    Roots (they’re killing the Eye Bot) and ignore the Eye Bot (it’s getting
    killed by the roots) and grab the four Fuse Box piece Now return to the
    main cave, and go in the hatch north of yo Solve the Fuse Box puzzle, then
    the nearby stash will ope Grab the 6 Dynamite from inside, then return to
    the main cave and drop into the only hatch that you haven’t been in ye
    Here, solve the Water Pipes puzzl After you solve it, the door will open
    and you can go throug Here there are Eye Bot They won’t bother you:
    they’re too busy enslaving the mole Use your Dynamite to blast through the
    stalagmites to Machine Piece #1

    LEVEL 13
    Type: Jungle/Pollution/Outpost
    Puzzles: Wheel Lock, Toggle Network, Water Pipes, Pattern Bridge, Fuse Box
    Enemies: Snapdragon, Mutan, Quiz Bot, Sentry Bot
    Walkthrough: First, head into the trees, picking up a Snapdragon Seed on
    your wa Here you’ll find Spiky Pears, Brain Fruit, and Grass Bugs
    everywher Use Grass Bugs to kill two nearby Snapdragons, and head past it
    for even more reward Now head into the Pollutio In the Pollution, you’ll
    find 3 puzzles: A Wheel Lock, a Toggle Network and a Water Pipe For each
    puzzle you solve you get some Bridge Piece When you solve all the puzzles,
    go to the other side of the level where there is an Outpos Here, there are
    two Pattern Bridg Finish the main one, then go on a platform that connects
    to the main one and solve the secondary on Cross the secondary one, and
    answer the Quiz Bot if it quizzes yo At the end of the Quiz Bot’s area
    you’ll find an open stash containing 4 Quiz Bot disguise Grab as many as
    you can fit in your inventory, then go back and cross the main bridg Here,
    Sentry Bots guard the pat Put on a Quiz Bot disguise and go past the
    Pick up the Fuse Box pieces and solve the Fuse Box puzzl A door will now
    open at the other end of the roo Go through i Answer the Quiz Bot if it
    quizzes you, (or you can disguise yourself so that it won’t quiz you,) and
    step on the teleporter to Level 1

    LEVEL 14
    Type: Metropolis
    Puzzles: Toggle Network, Pattern Minefield, Affinity Network, Symbol Reflex,
    Enemies: Quiz Bot, Sentry Bot, Guard Bot, Eye Bot
    Walkthrough: First, go south and solve the Toggle Network puzzl This will
    open a stash containing 6 plasma orb Save them for the tough Guard Bot at
    the en Now go back to the teleporte It doesn’t work, so head east and
    cross the Pattern Minefiel Next, go past the Quiz Bot and down to the
    Affinity Network puzzl Solving it will allow to enter a room with 2 bridge
    pieces and 2 stashes containing 2 Robot Vests and 3 Giant Magnet Next,
    head straight past the Quiz Bot and solve the Symbol Reflex puzzl On the
    other side of the door that solving the puzzle opens is a room that contains
    a stash with 5 Plasma orbs and 3 bridge piece If you run out of room in
    your inventory you can lay down 2 Giant Magnets – you only need on Don’t
    bother with the hatches in either of these areas: they both lead down to a
    room full of Sentry Bot Next, head east past the Quiz Bot and solve the
    Pattern Bridge puzzl Past this puzzle is a Guard Bot: you need ALL your
    Plasma Orbs to kill hi Now use the giant magnet to flip the lever behind
    the wal This lever will turn on the teleporter where the Guard Bot wa
    Step on this teleporter and you’re onto Level 15 – the Main Robot Fortress!

    LEVEL 15
    Type: Metropolis
    Puzzles: Wheel Lock, Toggle Network, Fuse Box, Pattern Minefield, Water
    Pipes, Pattern Bridge
    Enemies: Eye Bot, Quiz Bot, Sentry Bot, Tread Bot, Guard Bo
    Walkthrough: Wow! You made it to the last level – the Main Robot Fortres
    This level is pretty long and REALLY complicated, and I’ll do the best I can
    to explai Just something before we begin, however – in this level are four
    switches needed to open the doors blocking the way to the machin When
    referring to these, I’ll call them Anti-Defence switche
    Oka Let’s begin:
    You’ll appear in a room with two doorway The left one has nothing behind
    it, so go through the right on You’ll come to a leve Flipping it gives
    you access to three stashes, which contain a Freeze Ray Gun, a Robot Vest,
    and two Plasma Staff Go back up past the lever and you’ll come to an Eye
    Bot: kill it with your Plasma Staffs (oh, just thought you should know: this
    level is swarming with robots Now you’ll come to a Quiz Bo Go past him,
    as there’s 4 Bridge Pieces and 2 Fuse Box Pieces behind hi Collect all the
    bridge pieces and Fuse Box pieces, and head up the nearby passag You’ll
    come to a Wheel Lock puzzl Solving it will allow you to pass the double
    door Before you go through, however, pick up the nearby Fuse Box piec
    Past the double doors is the final Fuse Box piec Head east and you’ll come
    to a room full of bridge piece Pick ’em all up, then head back and go the
    other wa You’ll discover two stashes – one containing 4 Plasma Orbs, the
    other containing a Robot Vest (trade it for your old one which should be
    quite worn out by now Then return to the room you were just in and kill
    the Eye Bot with the Plasma Orb Next, go past and you’ll see – MORE bridge
    pieces! Pick as many up as you can fit in your inventory, then solve the
    Toggle Netwotrk to open the triple door Behind the doors you’ll find a
    Fuse Box puzzl Solve i Two sets of doors will be opened now: one to the
    east and one to the sout Go through the east one first and hit the
    Anti-Defence switch, then pick up the bridge piece Now go through the
    south doo You’ll come to a drainbrain waiting room full of Botans and
    Mole You can’t talk to any of them so proceed through the roo Then
    you’ll come to the drainbrain roo Freeze the Eye Bot here, flip the lever
    and leave Also in the drainbrain room are brain orbs: pick up as many as
    you ca Once outsde the drainbrain room, go up past the Pattern Minefiel
    You should really only go on it to regain brainpower (if you need to) as all
    it leads to is a stash containing a Brain Shield, which you don’t nee
    After the Minefield, go down past the Sentry Bots and flip the lever to open
    the double door Here there is a huge line of Eye Bots who will
    occasionally zap yo Pick up all the Plasma Staffs lying aroun Then, hit
    the power switc This will open the double doors and allow you to exi Go
    through the room, noting the Water Pipe Go up the bridge (not a Pattern
    Bridge) and kill the Quiz Bot at the en Behind him is an Anti-Defence
    switch: flip i Notice the bridge is shaped like an M: Go down the middle
    part (the part you haven’t been down yet) and you’ll see a Water Pipes
    puzzl Go and get the pipes in the room you were in, and put them in plac
    Next, go through the double doors that solving the puzzle open You’ll come
    to a Beam Transformer puzzl Before solving it, pick up a nearby Plasma
    Staf Then, solve the puzzl You’ll enter an area with a Tread Bot: kill
    the Tread Bot with your Plasma Staff Then go u Freeze the Eye Bot and
    hit the switc Freeze the Guard Bot behind the doo You’ll now come to a
    huge Pattern Bridg You must build the bridge in three directions: to the
    left and right to hit the last two Anti-Defence switches, and forward to
    reach the double door To open the double doors you must hit all the
    Anti-Defence switche Once the double doors are open, go through to find
    Machine Piece #11, and the IDTM itself! Congratulations! You finished the

    A group of Eye Bots tries to stop you as you hop in the now-rebuilt IDTM and
    hit the activator button to return to Eart
    Back in D Brain’s laboratory, D Brain promises as he puts away your
    jumpsuit that next time, he’ll test the equipmen The camera pans over to
    the IDTM (still in flames from its interdimensional journey) and you see
    three Eye Bots pop op, their eyes glaring menacingl

    As the game leaves you on such a cliffhanger, who knows, Maybe there’ll be
    Q Adventure Anyway, the walkthrough for this game is over no

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