Dirt Track Racing 2

Dirt Track Racing 2

Added Money:
Submitted by: conner54

Enter Chimchim as you player’s name. Afterwards, enter your
favorite player name and and start the game.
You will now get $1,000,000 in starting capital.

Pro Stock: Real car equivalents:
The Pro Stock cars are models of real cars, as follows:

Stanger – Ford Mustang
Campala – Pontiac Trans Am
Chantille – Chevrolet Chevelle
Bomber – Dodge Charger
Monacan – Buick Turbo

Insane flip:
Set the realism to 100%. Select the Stanger as your car and start a single
player race in Peakview. When the race starts, drive into the pits to the
left where the cars and trailers are parked. Drive to the right end until
you hit the wall, then turn around and look down the aisle of cars. You
should see the front end of a blue Ford minivan with people on top of it.
Drive toward it as fast as you can, turn slightly to the right, then hit
on its side. If done correctly, you will flip through the air and land on
your wheels.

Flip car through air:
Go to quick race mode and select the 41st Street Raceway. Choose the
Stanger 2000 and select Race. When the race begins, go around the first
small turn around the starting line and floor it around the longer curve.
When you approach the smaller curve again, drive straight into the white
tires sticking halfway out of the ground. When you hit them, your car will
flip and fly through the air, hit the invisible wall in back, and land with
a crash.