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    Cheat Codes:
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    Easy „Amazing” achievement:
    The first place you encounter Bellegar is inside the elemental demon cave at the top
    corner of Cysae Talk to him, and he will disappea He will appear again much later,
    near the center of the Phantom Forest swam He will allow you to choose a treasure
    from a set of three barrel To encounter him a third time, go south of Balberith’s
    shack at the southern end of the swamp to find a large mound of gol Select the gold,
    and Bellegar will appea He will add a new Portal to your menu, allowing access to a
    dungeon containing a single puzzl Solve the puzzle, and open all three treasure doors
    to get the „Amazing” achievemen

    Easy „Caught In The Game” achievement:
    At the start of the game, have one of your characters engage in dialogue with the
    drunken Legionnaires at X357, Y87 coordinate Select the other character, enter
    stealth mode, and try to cross the bridge to get the „Caught In The Game” achievemen

    How to Find the Weresheep Easter Egg:
    The mysterious Weresheep is hinted at far before you can ever encounter hi Before
    revealing the legendary creature,s exact location, let,s explore the twisty path it
    takes to discover i

    #1: Behind the Cyseal Church, there,s a graveyard with fresh mound Inside one of these mounds, you can find a book discussing the legend of the Wereshee
    It suggests that King Boreas might know mor
    #2: Later in the Act 2, you,ll face off and defeat King Borea Inside his treasure
    vault, there,s another note with a clue to find the Cave of Portals in Silvergle
    #3: Discovering the Cave of Portals and entering a particular teleportation path near
    the start leads to a small chamber with a secret moun Dig it up, and a ghostly Weresheep will appear and give up the final location for the monster,s physical for

    Bellegar’s hidden dungeon:
    After meeting Bellegar twice during the game (first in the elemental demon cave at
    the upper corner of Cysael, then in the center area of the Phantom Forest swamp),
    you can get him to appear a third time by heading south of Balberith’s shack in the
    southern section of the Phantom Forest swamp and building a mound of gol
    If you build a large enough pile, Bellegar should reappear when you select this mound
    of gold, granting you a new Portal which you can use to access a hidden dungeon with
    a puzzl Solve the puzzle and open all three treasure doors to earn the Amazing

    General Tips:

    Divinity: Original Sin channels the spirit of old classic RPGs and in turn presents a
    fantastic experienc It also channels the difficulty of old RPGs and does little to
    hold the player’s han Thus, the opening hours of the game can be especially
    challenging, but these tips should help newcomers to the world of Divinit

    * Pick a couple of main stats to increase along your playthroug Levels don’t come often in Original Sin, so spreading the wealth is not the best optio
    * Focus on variety in your party, and try to include one wizar
    * The Loremaster ability is important because it allows you to identify item Put at least one point into the abilit
    * There’s a shovel near the first battle with the orcs in the game (on the beach Pick it up and bring it with you – you’ll need i
    * The Pet Pal talent allows you to talk to animals, and they often have insightful
    things to sa It’s a talent worth investing i
    * Complete side quest This may sound obvious, but experience is needed in the opening hours before you venture into new territor Complete a lot of the early
    side quests to level up a bi
    * You need multiple ability points to level up a single ability past level on So if you want a level two ability, you need two point
    * Elements play a huge role in comba See the ground covered in fire, Use some kind of water spell to clear the fiel Combine fire and poison to create explosion Try out a series of combinations to see what works bes
    * Pay attention to weapon durability, and keep a repair hammer at the ready if
    you have the requisite crafting skil
    * Steal paintings, sell them to merchants for a lot of gold, repea

    Easy experience points:
    After getting the Telekinesis+2 ability, go to Cysea Go on the road northwest of
    the market squar Look for a large beer barrel on stilts behind some wooden barriers
    and up some step Once there, switch to your secondary character and place the barrel
    in their inventor The barrel will overburden that character, making them unable to
    mov Switch back to your main character and leave the secondary character with the
    barre Get into a random encounter outside Cysea During combat, open your inventory
    menu and send the Beer Barrel to your main characte Take the barrel out of your
    inventory, then use Telekinesis+2 to slam it into your enemies and instantly kill
    the All enemies from random encounters in the overworld map can be killed using
    this metho

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