• Double Dragon: Neon

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    Cheat Codes:

    Secret level:
    In Level 7: Some Kind Of Lab, punch the heavy bag in the glass cell where you
    start 87 times until a chime sound After a few seconds, your head and others
    will be replaced with Yoshihisa Kishimoto’s fac

    Fuzz Face:
    Set Fuzz Face free by dodging seven times between the two tombstones next to
    the ladder in Level 6: Assault Zon Fuzz Face will now follow you and
    occasionally drop Dragon Kick and batterie

    Dragon mode:
    Successfully complete the game on the Normal difficulty to unlock the Dragon

    Secret area:
    After becoming a Ro-Bro in the final level, move to the left until reaching
    the left side of the screen, then move dow You will descend a hidden ladder
    and find an area with extra lives and two chest

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