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Hidden Characters
Android 21 can be unlocked by beating story mode or buying the FighterZ Pass.
That’s not the only character you can unlock because there’s 2 additional characters
you can obtain by playing arcade. Both SSGSS Goku and Vegeta are included if you
preordered the game or bought them as DLC for $3, if you did either then you can
safely ignore this. For those of you that didn’t, beat both Extreme Gravity Spaceship
and Hyperbolic Heavyweight on normal and hard. You unlock hard versions once you beat
both courses on normal. You need to get at least an overall A Rank on hard for both

All characters:
Successfully complete the story and acquire 500,000 Zeni to unlock all characters.

Hard mode:
Successfully complete the game to unlock Hard mode. In Hard mode, you fight
higher level enemies and earn better skill rewards.

Easy final boss fight:
During the final boss fight, repeatedly keep pressing [Light Attack].
Do not use any directional buttons, just perform light attacks and
nothing else. This does not require any skill and has a good chance at
defeating the CPU. It may take a few tries, but it is an easy way to
defeat the final boss.

Play as Android 21:
Successfully complete the story (three arcs, with nine chapters in each arc)
to unlock Android 21.

Play as Goku (SSGSS):
Earn 500,000 Zeni across all game modes, or complete „Hyperbolic Time
Chamber Course” in Arcade mode with an „A” or „S” rank on the Hard difficulty.
You unlock the Hard difficulty after completing the normal version of that
course. To get „A” ranks, quickly win and have all your characters survive
the match. Also, complete the match with a Meteor attack to get bonus points
and score „S” ranks.

Play as Vegeta (SSGSS):
Earn 300,000 Zeni across all game modes, or complete „Gravity Spaceship
Course” in Arcade mode with an „A” or „S” rank on the Hard difficulty. You
unlock the Hard difficulty after completing the normal version of that
course. To get „A” ranks, quickly win and have all your characters survive
the match. Also, complete the match with a Meteor attack to get bonus points
and score „S” ranks.

Easy „Practice Makes Perfect” achievement:
Play as Gohan (Teen) in a practice training match and perform his „Father-Son
Kamehameha (Full Power)” Meteor attack to inflict 6,000+ damage and get the
„Practice Makes Perfect” achievement.
Note: You need five Ki gauges to perform this move.

Super Warriors Arc Special Events:
1. Goku, Vegeta & Gotenks
2. Goku, Gohan & Piccolo
3. Goku & Vegeta VS Frieza (No Clone)
4. Goku & Vegeta VS Clone Kid Buu
5. Goku & Gohan VS Cell
6. Gotenks & Gohan
7. Gohan & Piccolo VS Nappa
8. Vegeta & Tien VS Nappa
9. Goku, Krillin & Yamcha
10. Goku & Majin Buu VS Clone Kid Buu
11. Vegeta & PIccolo
12. Gohan & Krillin VS Captain Ginyu
13. Krillin & Yamcha
14. Yamcha & Tien
15. Goku & Tien VS Clone Piccolo
16. Goku VS Clone Goku
17. Vegeta VS Clone Vegeta
18. Gohan VS Clone Gohan
19. Gotenks & Majin Buu
20. ???
21. ???
22. ???
23. Piccolo & Yamcha
24. Vegeta, Gotenks & Piccolo
25. Vegeta & Gohan
26. Goku & Yamcha VS Frieza
27. Gotenks & Tien
28. Piccolo & Krillin
29. Vegeta & Majin Buu
30. Vegeta & Krillin VS Clone Kid Buu
31. ???
32. ???
33. Piccolo VS Clone Piccolo
34. Krillin VS Clone Krillin
35. Yamcha VS Clone Yamcha
36. Tien VS Clone Tien

Enemy Warrior Arc Special Events:
1. Ginyu & Frieza
2. Nappa & Ginyu VS Clone Vegeta
3. Frieza & Cell VS Goku
4. Ginyu, Frieza & Cell
5. Vegeta & Ginyu
6. Goku & Ginyu
7. Goku & Cell
8. Gohan & Gotenks
9. Gotenks & Ginyu
10. Goku, Vegeta & Frieza
11. Tien & Nappa
12. Yamcha & Nappa
13. Vegeta & Nappa VS Clone Goku
14. Gotenks & Nappa
15. Krillin & Cell VS Android 16
16. Goku, Buu & Frieza
17. Buu & Cell vs Clone Buu
18. Gotenks & Frieza
19. Gohan & Cell
20. Piccolo & Frieza
21. Tien & Cell
22. Goku & Frieza
23. Nappa VS Clone Nappa
24. Goku, Vegeta & Piccolo
25. Frieza VS Clone Frieza
26. Cell VS Clone Cell
27. Goku, Yamcha & Tein
28. Nappa & Cell
29. Vegeta & Krillin
30. Ginyu VS Clone Ginyu

Android 21 Arc Special Events:
1. Goku & Android 21 (Good)
2. Piccolo & Android 21 (Good)
3. Android 18 VS Clone Cell
6. Majin Buu & Android 21 (Good)
9. Android 18 VS Clone Vegeta
10. Android 16 & Android 18
11. Android 18 & Android 21 (Good) VS Clone Frieza
12. Android 16 VS Clone Goku

Easy Zeni:
This method allows you to earn 5,300 Zeni per match (three minutes) and 106,000
per hour.

Use the following steps to easily farm Zeni:

1:Successfully complete the story on the Normal difficulty to unlock New Game+ Hard
mode. Play through the entire game again on Hard mode. When you reach Arc 3 in Hard
mode, you must get three „Victory Zeni Up Lv. 6” skills. They are won from enemies.
Arc 3: Map 15 has enemies that drop this skill. You can replay maps to farm three
of these skills.
2:Replay Arc 3: Chapter 7 – Map 13 from the story title screen in Hard mode.
3:Equip the three „Victory Zeni Up Lv. 6” in the skill menu. You can stack three of
these to increase the effect.
4:Farm the match at the top of the map against Goku, Yamcha, and Piccolo. This match
gives a +300 Zeni reward when you win, and the enemies are very weak and quick to
5:After the match, pause the game and select the „Retry” option. You will get all
your health back and can replay the match as many times as desired. It takes three
minutes per match (including loading screen) if you just spam light attacks.
If you are actively playing, you can do it in two minutes.

The key is to get the „Victory Zeni Up Lv. 6” skills. These are only obtainable in
Arc 3 in Hard mode. It makes the match reward go from 1,800 Zeni per match to 5,000
Zeni (277% increase). Furthermore, matches in Hard mode give 250% more money than
matches in Normal mode. This combined with the Zeni skills and the +300 bonus reward
for this match makes it the fastest way to earn money in the game.

The „Set For Life” achievement requires you to earn 20,000,000 Zeni. To get this much
money, it will take 3,773 matches or roughly 188 hours using only this method.
Note: You do not have to keep all the money in your inventory; you are allowed to
spend it. Zeni is also used for unlocking Vegeta SSGSS (unlocks automatically at
300,000 Zeni earned) and Goku SSGSS (unlocks automatically at 500,000 Zeni earned).
You do not have to actively play for this farming method. Just use light attacks
and no directional buttons. If your characters are Level 90-100, it is a guaranteed
win. Using this method, it takes approximately 60-100 seconds to win a match.
With loading times and transition screens, it increases to 180 seconds on average.

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