Dungeon Hero

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Dungeon Hero takes you into a real dungeon, one where a shadowy evil
has come to feed on despai This a dungeon at war – not a place with
bags of gold just lying around! This action RPG uses Firefly’s
dazzling HD engine, allowing the player to storm heroically through
underground halls while taking in the detail and complexity of a world
previously unsee Master melee, ranged and magic skills and 'Close
combat’ a totally new, brutal mode of fighting as you battle your way
through vast crowds of monster Fight alone or have a friend drop in
to survive – and maybe even save – the darkest society imaginable!

* A dungeon you can believe in that represents a true underground society,
featuring creatures that eat, sleep, chat, socialize, trade and travel
* Savage and ultra realistic moves are auto-deployed for the player, placing them in the centre of a maelstrom of heroic activity
* Fast and dirty close combat emphasizes cramped quarters and being pressed by overwhelming number
* Leveling up directly affects your combat ability, as you strategically choose new combat moves and even deadlier weapons
* Open exploration let,s players discover their own path and quests
* Get together with friends on a single console or online to journey into the underworld in multiplaye

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