Dynamite Headdy

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Cheat Codes:

Hard Mode:
At the title screen, press Start once, then leave the cursor on „Start Game”
Just like the stage select code, press C, A, Left, Right, You will hear
headdy say „Nice” when you’ve entered the code correctl Then press and
HOLD STAR Continues holding start until you see the „Opening Demo” scene
appea Now you can release the start button and continue as norma
Be warned, One hit is all it takes to kill you no

Head Animations:
At the title screen select „Options” and press: C, A, Left, Right, You
will hear „NICE” when you’ve entered the code correctl Then press START
to view the head animation

Stage Select:
When the title screen appears, press START onc Leaving the cursor at Start
Game, enter the code: C, A, LEFT, RIGHT, If you hear a sound, you’ve got
it! Press START and you’ll access the Stage Select! Just choose your level
and stag Then press START to play! (Note: This trick was done on an early
version of the gam It may or may not work on later versions)

Secret final scene:
After the end credits has finished rolling you are prompted to enter a 4
digit secret code on a keypa The valid code is different each time the
game is played , complete the basket ball mini game four times while going
through the game to determine your games secret cod

Additional Secret Bonus:
As you play through Scene 3-4, titled „Clothes Encounters,” it’s possible to
receive an additional bonus poin Wait for the Wooden Dresser to wear the
Bino head, and then knock it of If you do it at just the right moment, a
sound will indicate you received a secret bonu However, the Wooden Dresser’s
heart will still be pin It will put the Bino head on once more, and you can
knock it off again for a second bonu In this manner, you can acquire 5/4
bonuses in the stage, and 40/39 in the entire game (assuming you collect
everything else as usual

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