Expeditions – Conquistador

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Cheat Codes:

In the overworld map (not throughout struggles), press the Console key
(Backspace by Default) and type one the commands as note Press Get Ente
Change the entire Parenthesis with the first name of the character you
desire the code to influence if the Code consists of (firstname If the
code consists of (ItemName), change the parenthesis With the name of the
item as received your stock, capitalized precisely the exact same Method,
however without SPACE If the code consists of a #, change it with whatever
Number you desir

Code Result
Setmorale (firstname) # – Change a certain character’s moral
Illuminati – Display all plot variable
Devmode – Enable teleportation with the T ke
Giveitem (ItemName) # – Give yourself a certain inventory item (# is optional
Giveequipment # – Give yourself more equipmen
Givexp # – Give yourself more experienc
Giveherbs # – Give yourself more herb
Givemeat # – Give yourself more mea
Givemedicine # – Give yourself more medicin
Givemetal # – Give yourself more meta
Giveoil # – Give yourself more oi
Giverations # – Give yourself more ration
Giverope # – Give yourself more rop
Givevaluables # – Give yourself more valuable
Givewood # – Give yourself more woo
Smite (firstname) – Injure a certain characte
Thespanishinquisition – Injure all follower
Kill (firstname) – Kill a certain followe
Vontrier – Release camera from the player characte
Remove (firstname) – Remove a certain follower from your part
Tordenskjold – Restore all injured followers to healt
Return (firstname) – Return an absent follower to your part

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