• Five Nights at Freddy’s

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    Cheat Codes:

    Freddy’s Nose:
    On any night, you can click on Freddy’s nose located on the poster in the offic Clicking
    on it makes a „honk” noise like a clow

    If in custom night mode you set the AI levels to 1-9-8-7, instead of normal gameplay,
    Golden Freddy will appear and insta-kill yo

    Menu Stars:
    You can unlock three stars on the main menu by satisfying the corresponding requirements,
    as indicated belo

    Beat Night
    Beat Night
    Clear a custom night with AI set to 2

    Golden Freddy:
    The Golden Freddy is a hidden fifth animatronic that can be summoned on any nigh However,
    it happens most often on Night 1 and rarely on Night To do so, watch the poster on CAM28
    (West Hall Corner next to your office It usually is a poster of normal Freddy with a
    microphone saying „Celebrate!” Keep hanging from that camera to another one until that
    poster changes to a close up of Golden Freddy’s fac Close your laptop before you switch
    to another camera, and Golden Freddy will appear in your offic He will kill you and crash
    the gam However, the game will not crash if this happens on Night You can also try to
    escape Golden Fredd Once you see him, put the camera back up to make him go awa
    Alternately, successfully complete secret Night 6, and go to the Level Editor on Night
    Set the AI levels to 1/9/8/7 (which corresponds to the date of when The Bite Of ’87 incident
    occurred Press „Start” to get a scare by Golden Fredd

    Bonnie and Chica:
    Bonnie and Chica generally always appear on a certain side; Bonnie on the left, Chica on
    the righ Chica moves at a steady rate towards yo If you see them on the cameras covering
    on the right side, be careful as they will appear in the doorway soo Bonnie tends to move
    more randoml Seeing them in the left side cameras may not mean anything more than she is
    movin Toggle the left light on and off at intervals to see if she is ther If so, hit
    the button to keep the door shut for a whil You can get a clue when Chica is on the right
    as you can see them through the window, however it is also possible to see Bonnie’s shadow
    on the left if you look carefull

    Foxy does not wander and remains in Pirate Cov Use camera 1C to watch i The more
    frequently his head pops out, the closer he is to attacking yo Foxy does not like being
    watched too much, but you also cannot ignore hi When you hear running footsteps sudden
    coming from the left channel, it means Foxy is running and the left door should be shut
    immediatel If you see a sign reading „IT’S ME!” on camera 1C, drop out of the camera view
    now and shut the left doo Foxy always appears on the left sid

    Completing any night:
    You do not need to check all the camera Only check on Foxy frequently, and close the lapto
    Check the light on one door, shut it off, and do the same thing with the other on Do this
    four times, then check on Foxy agai Do this as fast as possible, then do the doors agai
    If Foxy peeks his head out, it is fine; keep goin If Foxy is laying on the floor, check
    on it more than you already hav By doing so a little more than before, if Foxy’s curtains
    are fully opened and it is not there, do not bother to check the hall, because you will not
    have time for the doo If Foxy is not in the room and the curtains are open, immediately
    close the left door and check your right ligh If Chica is not there, shut it off then look
    at the left hal You will see Foxy running, but you should already have the door close
    You will hear some banging on that doo Check your right, then the left, because of Bonn
    If she is not there, open the doo Check on Foxy and it will be back ther Continue as
    usual; if one appears, close the doo

    Each in-game hour lasts 86 seconds of game pla During this time, power will constantly
    drai Make sure to you do not use too much of i You can use the camera often, but only
    for quick glances in each roo Save as much power at the start, as the animatronics will
    take some time to reach yo At this point, focus only on cameras 1A and 1C to determine
    when a creature makes a move, as well as to monitor Foxy, the fourth creatur Try to have
    at least 50% power at 3

    Even if you run out of power, the clock continues to progres It is still possible to
    complete a night with no powe Freddy usually takes a longer amount of time to move in
    for the kill if you remain still after the lights go ou Do not touch anything and hope
    that you are lucky enough to reach 6 before Freddy’s song end

    Camera 6, the kitchen camera, is less useful than the others because it is audio-only
    and only allows you to hear creatures wandering through that are Save power by not
    checking this camer

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