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    Universal Flash Game Cheat (SWF):
    Submitted by: Giga-Alnel
    Email :

    * Want some useful glitches? Want some level skips, secret
    * Want some locked game modes/options to access without using
    cheat codes or password?
    * Want to complete a flash game without sacrificing and striving
    hard seriously?
    * Really?
    * If so, I have a good news! All you have to do is go, open any
    flash game file (SWF, Shockwave Flash) with a player, press and
    hold {Ctrl} with the keys as with their indicated functions below:

    Ctrl + Function Glitch
    Left Arrow Key – Go back – Go to the previous screen.
    Right Arrow Key – Go forward – Go to the next screen.
    Enter Key – Play or forward continously – Skip or finish level/access
    locked screen.

    Please keep in mind that not all flash games can be cheated with those keys!
    Some don’t have menu were they! Sorry, I can’t solve this problem!
    But if you can, please inform me by sending notes in the CheatBook-Database.
    I will read it. Aside from that you also help the people in need!

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