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    * Make a new user of the team you are about to play as in the matc
    * Select quick tactic
    * For your opponent’s team, set every one of their players in attack,
    then put an arrow from the goalkeeper to the strike
    * If done correctly, you should win 10 –

    Recommended team:
    Search for a team called Poli 2 They have lots of excellent players
    who are very cheap, and they score quite a few goal Also, try the
    following player

    – Kevin Doyle (Reading)
    – Robbie Keane (Tottenham)
    – Kasper Schemichael (Man City)
    – Elano (Man City)

    Try the following Hibernian squad:
    – Steven Fletcher (quality striker scored 35 goals in 45 games)
    – Fillip Morais (amazing attacking right, left, or center)
    – Alan O’brien (good winger left)
    – Lewis Stevenson (good left back or left center midfield)
    – Merouanne Zemamma (great midfielder)
    – David Murphy (quality left back)
    – Chris Hogg (good center half)

    Easy wins:
    Create a custom player and add them to your opponents tea Select „Quick
    Tactics Set all of your opponent’s players to attac Place an arrow
    from the goalkeeper to the strike You should win easil


    GAbriel Torje(17) – Poli Timisoara
    NIcolas Millan(14) – Colo colo
    Tomassi Vailatti(21) – Livorno
    Florin Costea(16) – ”U,, Craiova

    Mint young players:
    – David amoo (liverpool)
    – Daniel sturridge (man city)
    – Febian brandy (man utd)
    – Goran slavkovski (inter)
    – Bojan (barca)
    – Sergio aguero-expensive but worth it (at madrid)
    – Jonathan/giovanni dos santos (barca)
    – Damien plessis (liverpool)

    Great players for low league teams:
    When starting a new season as a BSP league tea You can get great players good
    enough to play in league on All you have to do is go to player search, customise
    the search putting the age a At most 28 then select nationality then choose
    france the you will find people at between 22 to 28 who play for french lower league
    teams and you can sign them for free without compensatio When offering contract
    offer 100 pounds more than they ask so you can beat competition from other club
    When choosing leagues you have to choose only the first french league not lowe


    * If you’re playing with some unkown-lower league tea
    * Set this tactic: mentality-attacking
    * closing down-often
    * passing-short
    * Everything else mixed
    * Before this buy some quality players who would join your team
    (exJosko Bilic,Itall)


    * Diego Buonanotte (needs time but gets very good)
    * Rodrigo Fabri (old ish but gets lots of goles)
    * Rui Fonte (young but good)

    Changing Formation:
    This works really well on the game da If you go into the game with a formation and
    you set your team talk, if you then change your formation before you kick-off then
    it confuses the opposition and you automatically get the upper hand on the

    Easy Money:
    To get easy money without starting a new game all you need to do is download the
    FMModifier 21 then search your team, change thier money, and press save and then
    you have heaps of mone


    Some of the players that are tipped for starsome of them are too expensive and
    some really cheasome of them are wonderkidthey are really too talented and
    sensationajust check them once:

    Ezequiel Garay-Racing
    Renato Augusto-flamengo
    Ismael Assiati-PSV
    Luigi Bruins-Feyenoord
    Breno-Sao Paulo
    Aaron – Valencia
    Fernando Forestieri
    Sotiris Ninis
    John gossens-Ajax
    Georginio Wijnaldum-Feyenoord
    Pichu Atienza-athletico Madrid
    Gabriel torje-Poli 1921
    Ricardo montolivo-Fiorentina
    lorenzo De Silvestri-Lazio
    domenico Criscito-Juventus
    Henri Saivet
    Alessandra Tuia
    Mario Balotelli
    Dmitri Daeseleire
    Simone esposito
    John fleck
    Ever Banega

    Hey Wanna sign a world class scout for free search for Roberto Batttega


    These are the players I have found and are either wonderkids or has media compariso
    Some of them are on your list to

    Season 1
    Alexandre Pato – AC Milan
    Alexandre Song – Arsenal
    Anderson – Man Utd
    Ben Sahar – Chelsea
    Bojan – Barcelona
    Breno – Sao Paulo
    Carlos Vela – Arsenal
    Denilson – Arsenal
    Emiliano Insa – Liverpool
    Fabrice Muamba – Birmingham
    Gabriel Obertan – Bordeaux
    Gabriel Torje – Poli 1921
    Gareth Bale – Tottenham
    Giles Barnes – Derby
    Giovani Dos Santos – Barcelona
    Gonzalo Hiugain – Real Madrid
    Ismael Aissati – PSV
    James Vaughan – Everton
    Javi Martienez – Athletic
    Jonathan Evans – Man Utd
    Juan Manuel Mata – Valencia
    Karim Benzema – Lyon
    Lorenzo De Silvestri – Lazio
    Marcelo – Real Madrid
    Marek Hamsik – Napoli
    Niclas Bendtner – Arsenal
    Robert Acquafresca – Cagliari
    Samir Nasri – Marseille
    Sergio Aguero – Atletico Madrid
    Steven Defour Standard Liege
    Sunny – Valencia
    Theo Walcott – Arsenal
    Zdravko Kuzamanovic – Fiorentina

    Season 2
    Andy Carrol – Newcastle

    Media comparison:
    Ben Sahar (Chelsea) – Could be the next Nahum Stelmach
    Coelho (Inter Milan) – Could be the next Luis Figo
    Fabinho (Internacional) – Could be the next Ronaldo
    Fernando Forestieri – Could be the next Andrea Pirlo
    Hebert (Atltico Paranaense) – touted as the next Jairzinho
    Isaiah Ousbourne (Aston Villa) – touted as the next Steven Gerrard
    Jordan Ayew (Marseille) – touted as the next Djibril Cisse
    Jorge Luiz (Atltico Paranaense) dubbed the new Jlio Cesar
    Juan Surraco – Labelled as the next Pablo Bengoechea
    Lo Goncalves (Sao Paulo) touted as the next Jairzinho
    Mariano (Vasco) Dubbed the new Kak
    Rafael (Sao Paulo) Dubbed the new Mrio Srgio & labelled the next Zinho
    Richard Sukuta – Pasu (Leverkusen) – touted as the next Jurgen Klinsman
    Yaniss Thafer – touted as the next Thierry Henry


    A world class coach: Krystoff Dowhan – Legia (Poland)
    Alex (Vasco) – the next Ronaldinho


    Oswaldo Rodriguez – great young midfielder
    Rene Mihelic – great young midfielder
    Mika Aaritalo – greal left wing/striker
    Nill de Pauw – young striker
    Jelle von Vossen – promising midfielder

    Real Names and German National Team:
    To get real players into the German national team and to get real club
    names for those clubs that have fake ones go to
    C:Program FilesSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2008datadb800lnc

    In that folder delete the FakInc fil Make sure you make a back-up of
    it somewhere just incase thoug Now when you start a new game you will
    have real players and real club name

    Easy goals from corners:
    This cheat is really simple! All you have to do is have some1 with the highest
    corner attribute take the corner then you on team instruction put the corners
    in the 6 yard box on both right and lef then take to players with the best
    headers in your team then go on player instruction of the 2 players then for
    corners put challenge G

    Top Quality Young Players:
    Henri Saivet (free as soon as the game starts)
    Tommasso Vailatti (2m from Torino)
    Pablo Piatti (180k from Estudiantes)
    Mamadou Sakho (free at start of the game)
    Ever Banega (5m from Boca)
    Ashley Chambers (free from Leicester)
    Adam Newbold (free from Nottingham Forest)
    Jack Hobbs (becomes world class, 1m from Liverpool)
    Lewis Price (1m from Derby)
    Georginio Wijnaldum (1m from Feyenoord)
    Rhys Murphy (500k from Arsenal)
    Dean Bouzanis (1m from Liverpool)
    Joe Mattock (2m from Man City)
    Damien Plessis (500k from Liverpool)
    Emiliano Insua (3m from Liverpool)
    Jerome Boating (2m from HSV)
    Toni Kroos (5m from Bayern)
    Mateo Musacchio (free from River)
    Iriome (700k from Tenerife)
    Pichu Atienza (4m from Athletico)
    Guillen (300k from Athletic)
    Godwin Antwi (2m from Liverpool)
    David Amoo (1m from Liverpool)
    Henri Lansbury (725k from Arsenal)
    Lucas (8m from Liverpool)
    Oier Olazabal (3m from Barcelona)
    Lewis Stevenson (7m from Hibernian)


    ive only been playin da game 4 a couple of months, but i no sum playas dat
    can b brilliant! also theres a little hint dat will get u hu u wnt!!!

    First things first, here r sum of dos plyas 4 dey r all yung nd dey r mint blud!

    henri saivet – bordeux
    toni kroos-FC Bayern
    alexandre pato – AC milan
    jimmy briand-rennais
    gabriel obertan-bordeux
    jonathon de guzman-feynoord
    jonathon franks-middlesbrough
    hugo lloris-
    cesc fabregas-arsenal
    hatem ben arfa – lyon
    dan gosling
    sotiris ninis
    gabriel torje
    john fleck-rangers (only 15 so give him time)
    rui fonte-arsenal
    rhys murphy-arsenal
    damien plessis-liverpool
    david amoo-liverpool
    samir nasri-marseille
    giovanni dos santos-barca
    conor clifford-chelsea
    keko-r madrid C
    aguero-a madrid
    mario bolatelli-inter

    Tthe trick i told u about is so simpl if u no dat deres a playa ure gonna want
    4 ure team, put dat league in at da beginnin so u can manage da tea 4 ure main
    team, just offa 0 and accept wid ova team, den u just gotta tie up da contrac

    Keeping Possession:
    To play possession football, often hard from a players perspective, it is a simple
    matter of tweaking your tactic
    Play a short passing game with a slower tempo and watch as your players consistently
    hit the target with their passe
    To add variety you can change the mentality from defensive to attackin Defensive
    possession football will see your defenders playing with the ball alot and making
    occasional forays forward into spac Attacking possession football is much like
    Arsenals style of football with a consistent flow forwar
    As your team gets more accustomed to possession football you can increase the tempo
    and watch as your team swiftly and accurately carve up the oppositio

    Avoiding Work Permit Troubles:
    There are three ways to get around the annoying inconveniences that are Work Permit
    They are:

    Your club can have a feeder club from a European country that doesn’t use the work
    permit rule, you can send the player out on loan to the club and they will gain citizenship after a certain amount of year The shortest time to gain citizenship
    in a country is 3 years, in Belgium and Polan Pretty much all the other countries
    take 5 years, except for Spain, which takes 4 year
    You can leave the player in your reserves until he gains citizenship (which will take 5 years
    A sneaky way of getting past the work permit problem is to offer the player another
    contract, as soon as they join yo About 60% of the time the player will be granted
    a work permit, even though they had only just been denied on Sly, huh, Failing all
    tha Try and find foreign players who have a European nation as a second nationalit
    these players do not require work permits!

    Finding Great Regens:
    To maintain a high standard of quality players in your team as the years progress during
    the game it is necessary to scout and develop your own youth talent into the next
    generation of superstar
    To find regens (game spawned players to replace retired players) you must learn to scout
    effective and efficientl First you must sign to your club some scouts with at least a
    17 rating in Judging Potential Ability and Judging Current Abilit Examples of such
    scouts are Wolfgang Dremmler and David Hamilto
    Once you have some good scouts go to the scout screen and assign your scouts to the various
    youth competitions (eg Under 20 World Cup and Under 18’s Leagues) with maximum age set to
    under 2
    Now wait and watch as your scouts scour the globe for the best new talen Once they bring
    back some player reports choose what players you think youll need or want in the future and
    snap them up while they are youn

    LLM Money Making:
    In the Pre Season as smaller teams of any division you will always find you need to make
    some money to set yourself up for playing wages/making transfers/expanding stadium et
    The best way to get money in these situations is to organise high profile friendlies in
    the pres seaso By organising friendly leagues/cups/one off matches you can make anywhere
    from 100k to 10mil pounds each pre seaso


    Mauro Zarate bid bout 6mil he mint scores 20 + goals a season needs 2 get fit thoug


    At the start of the game go to ghana and look for boetang who is a c very cheap but
    lots of clubs try to sign him, so b quick! also delgado for cruz azul very cheap bu
    Billy sharp can b brilll 4 any prem tea any1 got any signings they cud recomend for
    a newly promoted prem team,

    Sugar Daddy:
    With this cheat, the clubs chairmen will now be a Sugar Daddy, and will continuelsy pump
    money into the clubs transfer budge If you got to Editor, and click Clubs, you then should
    click your selected clu Then in the top left hand bar you want to click fiances and you
    will see a unticked button which is Sugar Dadd If you are to click this then save, then
    load up that database and choose that team you clicked Sugar Daddy o Your first transfer
    budget will be doubled, and every month you will make profits of 5ish million and will soon
    be unstopabl

    Quality players:

    antonio adan-GK
    mamadou sakho-DLC
    miguel veloso-D/DMC
    emiliano insua-DL
    jack hobbs-DC
    carlos vela-FC
    joe hart-GK
    andrea carozza-MC
    dani alves-DR


    when you install FM 2008 on ure PC, go onto start and programs, then find ure FM 2008 and
    there shud b a data editor there to you can edit clubs and create players so u can customise
    ure favourite teams to be the best with the most money and best player but if u create a team,
    when u choose leagues that u can manage in at the beginnin of a new game, u will not be able
    to manage in the country u put the new team in!


    I know how to solve the problem that u can’t choose the country u put a self-manufactured team i
    Here’s the tip: When ur done creating, instead of placing ur creation in the league, u swap it

    really handy too I put Solberg from Third Division in Norway, to the Tippeliga by swapping
    it with Rosenbor Nice, huh,;)

    Good Striker:
    To get a good striker as man utd loan out FRAZIER CAMPBELL to WALSALL for a season or 2 when
    i did this he was scoring in every game and gettin player of the month frequently aswel when
    he comes back he should be a good player to keep hold o message me with what you think about
    this tip thank

    Championship Tactic:

    Here is a good tactic for Hull City, i was 24th in the Championship and with this tactic
    i got 8th in my first seaso


    -Have the Am with arrows going to Dm
    -Have the 2 cm going to the Am
    -Have the Side mids going up like the Cm’

    Attacking Instructions:
    -Play Attacking
    -Have Lots Of Freedom
    -Have Short Passing
    -Time Waste Often

    Just do what it says there it dosent matter how attacking you need to g
    Hope this Helps people who are struggling in the Championshi

    Fan Days:
    Although you do not choose when you get a fan day it can benifit you a lo
    What it is used for is smaller club who want to expand their suppor They will let
    people come in and watch a game of football for free therefore hoping they will enjoy
    it and pay to come back and see the team agai Make sure you put up a good
    performance and an entertaining match or they will not want to come back and it
    would end up being a waste of tim


    Get new quality youth players out of nowhere!! (depending your current squad status)
    organize a friendly match with your reserve
    move most of your players to reservjust left behind some of your top quality
    players (make them below 11 and let your assistant play the matcafter the match you
    will find some quality youth players out of nowhere playing for your tea the best
    thing is that you can offer them a eh,

    Fix National Teams:
    Due to licensing some National Teams don’t have proper players (Germany for example)
    To get rid of this go to:
    „C:/Program Files/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2008/data/db/800/lnc/all”
    once there copy the file entitled „faklnc” (You may wish to put it in a safe place
    as backup if needed) then delete the file „faklnc” and when you start a new game
    the countries effected will have the proper squa All this file does it put a „mask”
    on the national teams effected and once you remove it will get rid of the mas

    Money Earner:
    A nice way to earn some money for your very poor lower league clu
    Arrange fixtures for the reserve and youth teams against other high profile reserve
    and youth team For some reason a friendly against Barcelona B brings in the same
    amount of money as a friendly against Barcelona A would and if you use your Reserve
    team the opposition will not request a feee for their participatio
    This was especially useful in the Blue Square South with Bognor Regi Neither the
    reserves nor the youth teams played in a league and were therefore free to play
    friendlies all seaso
    I tried to organise friendly leagues as these bring in the most money and always invited
    the reserve or youth teams of the clubs that appeared on the ‚major clubs’ page Within
    a season I had a bank balance of £4’000’000 and started the next season with a transfer
    budget of £2 millio

    Best Formation:
    I found with liverpool the best formation is 2-1-4-3 with renia in goal, caragher and terry
    in defence, fabregas in mid, ronaldo left flank and messi right, gerrard and ribery in centre
    and then torres, villa and babel up fron so it looks like this


    To sign these players just edit it on editor because some are hard to sign but any player who
    specialises in the positions is goo Just as long as the team plays attacking football, and
    is strong so put empahisis on weight trainin

    brilliant Young players i havnt heard mentiond alot, some wonderkids, some unstopable kids:

    Hugo Lloris (goalkeeper) best keep in the game after 2 seasons
    Joe Mattock (leicster) class left back, makes lots of assists
    Danny Simpson, needs time but wordclass fullback
    Gerard Pique centre back, must buy dnt nee to say anymore
    Miralem Pjanic, touted as the next ivica oslim, world class attacking midfielder
    Marko Mari touted as the next franz beckenbaur, need i say more,,!
    Harry Forrester (whu u18’s) touted as the next wayne rooney
    Lee Catermole, midfield general, dominates almost evry game
    Remy Riou goalkeeper brilliant prospect, flourishes under iker cassilas tuitio
    Fabrice Muamba
    1 tui de melo , next luca toni
    1 Cristian Zapata worldclass centre back


    oh my god there is this wicked player arda he is called and he plays for turkey he is a
    left winger and scores for me in every single match nearly and also he is only 13m so buy
    him and u will see wat he is lik

    Recommened Player:
    One player that is definately worth signing is Marcelo of Real Madri
    Has get out clause set at £5million and is worth every penn
    I am in my 3rd season with liverpool and he is averaging 08 and is worth £18millio


    If u use the editor and choose a team to edit, u obviously wnt sum gud playa if u go on
    this website and find them u may think u have all the best playas, but some time u dont!
    when you get the playa, look at his future potential, if its really near to 200 then they
    are goo but you can get playas that are in the minus’s, if you get a playa that is -10
    they can be really really good, but only if they have a high current potentia

    FREE player purchasing:
    If you want easy player transfers, just Add a New User and be the manager of the club you
    want to obtain the player fro Step 2 is to put the player on transfer, keeping in mind
    to change it after you accept your original team’s bid, otherwise your screen will be
    filled with bids from other club All you have to do then, is make a 0 pound bid of the
    player and accept it on the other sid Next comes the task of the player’s agreement,
    you have to be a little patient in this case and really do everything to tick the player
    off, like setting him to „Unwanted By the Club,” or chucking him into the reserves squad,
    or making his team lose by giving awful team tal It doesn’t take too long before the
    player will be begging on his knees to be transferre I got Kaka, Silva, Rooney, Tevez,
    Ronaldhino, Deco, Cole, Ferdinand, and the list goes on, ALL playing in my Liverpool tea


    here a few players u can buy for league 1 teams:
    aaron mclean (40 goals in 50 games)
    loan toni kroos great goalscorer and assister
    figueroa (36 goals in 45 games)

    Easy non editor money and get rid of player:
    You first get your club and find a player you want to get rid of (I use useless youth
    players for this then you make a new manager and have him as a manager of a rich club
    ( UK big 4, Madrid, Barcelona, look on the rich clubs list), you set your transfer
    budget as the highest possible, transfer wages to transfer cash, and buy your naff player
    for all of your transfer bil Then offer the player the best contract possible and they
    will sign and your club will be richer, then resign and repeat with another tea

    Money without a cheating tool:

    Go to /FM2008/user/objects there is a document called cars in wich it is possible to
    change the price of the also to be negative, so that u earn money when you buy the
    g fix
    Hyundai Atos,Hyundai Atos,Hyundai Atos,Hyundai Atos,Hyundai Atos,Hyundai Atos,9300,atobmp,2005
    Hyundai Atos,Hyundai Atos,Hyundai Atos,Hyundai Atos,Hyundai Atos,Hyundai Atos,-100000000,atobmp,2005


    Best player who have is Mika Aaritalo Finland you can sing him betwen 5000 – 20000
    he grow very fast in smal clu


    On my 2011/12 season with Spurs and these are the best players on the game at the moment:
    Billy Sharp (scores goals for any club)
    David Jones (Aston Villa, quality centre Mid)
    Steven Horton (Tottenham U18’s, just sold him for 20m)
    Danny Rose ( Tottenham reserves, leave him in reserves for a year or two then he becomes quality)
    Fabien Brandy (Man Utd, striker)
    Van Den Borre (Anderlecht, anywhere in defence)
    Micah Richards (Man City, defender)
    Adam Hurst (Tottenham U18, Attacking Mid great young talent)
    Gareth Bale (Tottenham, Left Back)
    Carlos Vela (Striker, goal machine)
    Marco Amelia (Goalkeeper, qaulity keeper)
    Samuel Bayliss (Defender/Striker, Derry City)
    Giovanni Das Santos (Attackin Mid, Barca)
    Bojan (Striker, Barca)
    Goran Pandev (Attacking Mid/Striker, Lazio)
    Danny Simpson (Right Back, Man Utd)

    Try this players:

    emanuel osei-free
    eric adoo-free
    roque junior-free
    dimitriu copil-heatrs
    razvan ochirosi-steaua(on loan at buzau)
    toto tamuz-ierusalim
    derek boateng-ierusalim
    silviu ilie-otelul galati
    robert elek-otelul galati
    robinson zapata-steaua (is the best gk from romania)
    anton putilo-dinamo minsk
    yegor filipenko
    lukasz gargula
    hernani-lukasz gargula
    and much els

    play like this:



    For those who wanna play a long game (10-20 years) at the same clu 1st of all,
    some players you might be interested other than fabregas, kaka and others how are tought

    -martial yao-asec
    -jose san roman – river
    -bruno formigoni
    -rafael foster
    -sergio mota
    -toto tamuz, dor malul(israel)
    -maximiliano morales
    -anton sosnin-zenith
    -mika aaritalo, patrick lomski(finland)
    -a young 17 yrs old from leceiter wich i can’t remember his name right now
    -torje(poli timisoara)
    -pulhac(sometimes it becomes one of the greatest dl in world)
    -Anton putilo(putsilo), actually the name is „putsila”
    -cristian nazarith, yessu cabrera, cesar lindado – colombia
    -jhon fleck-rangers
    -eros corradini(he grows slow but sometimes becomes world-class)
    -vantagiatto-rimini(he doesn’t wanna leave until winter tranfer window but he’s a great player)
    -sotiris ninis(not a great profile but actually plays like messi in real life)
    -search also for youngsters in france and spain(a lot of hot prospects)

    Regens apear in the games almost every month(especially june, july, august, december and january)
    You actually can see all that players if you serch „backspace” in the „search box” up righ The
    newest regens are at the bottom always right before the countrie
    It takes time to see all ( especially because a lot of regens are from Haiti, bermuda, etc) but
    is worth i Than, if you like a player profile scout it (is better if your scout has at least
    15 on JPP Usually the player is rated by a star but has a potencial of 5 or more!(WORLD-CLASS)
    (NOTE: If you manage a small team try to sign only from good above) the decent ones are often

    -You save a lot of time if you only search for: brazilians, spanish, england, france, holland,
    italy, argentina and german
    But sometimes i’ve founded really good players even from „sao-tome&principe” s.

    2 tactics that really work!:

    If you play against a stronger team then play like this:

    -LB – – CD—-CD—-RB-

    Or when you want to be the more attacking team (when you are the favorite)

    -LB – – CD—-CD—-RB-

    But place a defensive midfielder at the place of the center one of the center midfielders (CM

    Always play with an attacking mindse
    With most teams you will score the most goals of the whole leagu
    Good luck!


    Well Vela (Arsnel) is the best wonder player he is young and quick also Jo is grea
    Do not sign players like KAKA as the get very ba

    Perfect Team:
    Pick this player

    Goalkeeper:Petr Cech/Felipe
    Defender Right :Micah Richards/Bosingwa
    Defender Center :John Terry/Mamadou Sakho
    Defender Left :Ashley Cole/Armand Traore
    Midfield Center :Frank Lampard/Michael Essien/Toni Kroos
    Winger Right :Lionel Messi/Salomon Kalou/Shaun Wright Philips
    Winger Left :Luka Modric/Joe Cole/Arjen Robben
    Striker :Robinho/Bojan/Fernando Torre

    Saddam Hussein Stadium:
    Go into the FM 2008 data editor (which should be found in your FM 2008 install directory)
    and load up either the „default” or „2 Update” databas Now go to the Stadium section
    on the left hand sid Now in the search bar type „Saddam Hussein




    Dont try this
    welbeck man u
    clichy arsenal
    berbatov totenham
    nisterlooy madrid
    guti madrid
    torres madrid
    owen hargreaves man u
    ben foster man u
    try this
    tevez man u in 1 season
    pato ac milan
    raul albiol

    Realy good young players you need you Buy what ever your team your at:

    Alex Nimo – Salt Lake
    Samuel – Rayo
    Robert Brady – Man Utd
    Jozy Alitdore – New York
    Eric Flores – Flamengo
    Carlos Vella – Arsenal

    Easy Money:

    Create a new user (in preference, pick up a rich team like Barcelona, Chelsea, etc), then
    with this user you can buy your own player Just make sure you always offer a value lower
    than the player’s termination fine (otherwise you won’t have your offer acceptable – it
    will indicate „team X accepted the offer” but no negotiation will follow Usually, your
    team’s president will manage the negotiation (if not, accept it manually

    Buy cheaper players:
    Same deal: create a new user – this time, pick up the team who owns the player you wan
    With your own user, offer $0 (or more – really, who would,) for the player, and accept
    with the other use Notice that some players may not be interested in playing for your
    team (honest, I’ve tried to contract Adriano for my ADAP Galo Maring – a small, almost
    unknown brazilian team – offering R$70000 per week, and he refused

    Best player to sign:

    David Villa
    Fernando Torres
    Sergio Aguero
    Iker Casillas
    Sergio Ramos

    Player to buy:

    People say sergio aguero is the best player on the gamnot a chanc Look for a player
    called Pande WORLD CLASS PLAYER scored 54 goals in one season for my newcastle team in
    the first season and 58 in the secon Costs abit of money but worth i Aguero in my reserve

    Best Team:
    ——— –

    i have had this team for 4 seasons now and have won everything only lost 2 game
    g petr cech
    r daniel alves
    c rio fierdinand
    c vidic
    l evra / del horno
    r ronaldo
    c essien/hiquain/alonso
    c modric/fabregas/yaya toure
    l robin van persie / malouda
    s villa/rooney
    s tevez/rafeal sobis

    My full squad
    cech and frey
    garay, mexex, radu, fierdinand, vidic, pique, del horno, evra, daniel alves
    alonso, essien, fabregas, yaya toure, cardoza, modric, nani, van persie, ronaldo, asharvin,
    hiquain, aaritalo, giggs, alex, anderson, malouda, kaka, aguero, rafeal sobis, tevez, rooney,
    billy clarke, fred, danny haynes david silva and david villa

    This is a great squad they’ve only lost twice in 4 season
    just be careful with buying david silva, might need 2 pay alot ,

    Lower League Clubs:

    Look up the Jamaican League, all their players have low wages and are very good for lower
    league team

    Checklist for Starting at a new club:
    Fire your old assistant manager and get the best one you can ge
    (Do this by going to search on the tree menu then click staff)
    Make a plan on where you want to come in the season and in the next three season
    Decide who you are going to release and your main transfer targets for that seaso
    Try and get the teams morale up and work on tha


    Emilio Nsue – Malloroca – 17 yr old well score quite a few goals in 1st few games
    Andy Carroll – Newcastle – very good striker on the 2nd season
    Matthew Spiranovic – 21 or 22 yr old australian he is oresome as a defensive midfiel

    Forgotten but excellent:

    The man who come from bulgaria (i forgot the club) that have no fantastic skills, but belief me,
    he can become a very good playe
    he is Branamir Kostadinov (ST you must have a faith before use his talen.
    he is the clinical stike and christian Nazarith als

    My Villa Team:

    I Started With Villa, Finished 6th In My 1st Season, Then 5th, Then 3rd, And Have Won The
    League 4 Times In A Row, Aswell As Winning The Champions League Multiple Times, The A Cup,
    And League Cup Multiple Times, Super Cup, Uefa Cup, Literally Every Cup I Could Possibly Wi

    My Team Consists Of:

    Ben Foster (GK) – Man Utd (Had Him For 5 Years, European Goalkeeper Of The Year Once, Most
    Clean Sheets 3 Years In A Row)


    Jose San Roman (RB) – River Plate
    Sebastian Boenisch (LB) – Werder Bremen
    Breno (CB) – River Plate
    Cristian Zapata (CB) – Udinese

    I Change My Midfield Around A Bit

    Ricardo Quaresma (RM) – Porto
    Angel Di Maria (LM) / Matias Fernandez – Benfica, / Villareal
    Arouca (CM) / Ever Banega (CM) – / Boca Juniors
    Lulinha (CM) – Corinthians (Player Of The Year Twice, Young Player Of The Year Once,
    18 MOM In One Season, 47 Assists In My 5th Season, Amazing)

    Strikers, The One Is A Made Up One, That Comes Into The Game When Other Players Retire,
    Has One Of Those Made-Up Faces

    Henri Saivet (S) – Bordeaux (Scored 48 Goals In My 6th Season, 29 Is His Lowest In One Season)
    Ricardo (S) – Fake Player (6″5′, 20 Pace, 20 Strength, 19 Finishing, 18 Heading)

    Unbelieveable Team, However, I Have Now Left These As I Was Winning All The Time,
    And Got Bored, So I Am Now At Leeds United, And Have Brought, Saivet, Banega, San Roman, Arouca,
    Quaresma With Me, Top Of The Championship By 17 Points, Saivet Has Got 24 Goals, Now In February
    Hope This Can Help Ou


    go on data editor and choose a club then increase its reputation to 10000 max and this can
    also work by decreasing a teams rep to about 400 ie i done it with luton town and i dropped
    real madrids and bareclonas rep to 400 and i was able to buy there players really dirt cheap

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