Gas Guzzlers Extreme

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Cheat Codes:

Start the game, press Resume and press the tilde key to open the consol
Press Tab to see all commands

Command Effect
G_IgnoreLocks – Unlocks everything (All cars, tracks, weapons, upgrades, rims, stickers, events, cups
G_Godlike – Enables/Disables the Godlike mode (visual damage only
G_Money [Money] – Change your cash valu
G_Score [Value] – Change your scor
G_RubberBanding – Enables/Disables rubber banding for the A
G_AutoReset – Enables/Disables the auto-reset of the player(Free Run Mode)

-=Notes= –
* All commands are case sensitive
* To see all unlocks, go back to the main menu and press Resume
* To unlock everything in Quick Race, open the console in the Quick Race menu and type G_IgnoreLock

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