Heavy Fire: Afghanistan

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Cheat Codes:

Easy „Chain C” achievement:
At the start of the „Operation 3 – Patrol” mission, you will be ambushed and
forced to exit your vehicl Proceed through the mission until you get back
in the car and are in control of the heavy gu Take your time killing the
soldiers and allow them to cluster so you can take out a group by exploding
a car or barre You will eventually reach a section where a group of soldiers
will gather in front of a large truc This is also when you will reach a part
of the road where you must turn lef Look to your right to see the group of
soldiers gathering in front of a truc Wait for all of them to gather and
begin firing at yo Then, shoot at the truck to blow it up and take out at
least eleven soldiers to get the „Chain C” achievemen

Easy „Pinpoint Accurate” and „Trigger Happy” achievements:
Have a second player playing under the guest profil Start the first mission,
and have the second player remain idl Do all of the shooting with your
character, and get an accuracy of 50% or higher to get both the „Pinpoint
Accurate” and „Trigger Happy” achievements when the mission is complete

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