Jerry Rice And Nitus’ Dog Football

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Cheat Codes:

Enter the following codes at the indicated scree
The Butler will say something to confirm correct code entr

Effect Screen Code
CPU v CPU mode – Play Now! mode player selection – Hold [Space] and click „Play!”
Credits – Start – credits
Generic football field – Play Now! mode player selection – Hold [Space] and select a field
+3 treats and game balls – Season mode player selection – treatme
Super Speed;(Press B) – Season/Play Now! player selection – iwannagofast

Field secrets:
Complete the indicated task on the listed field to get the corresponding effec

Golden Cliffs : Run through the half broken piece of fence near the 50 yard line to release a co
Rock & Bark Arena : Jump on one of the mixing consoles to release fo
Rock & Bark Arena : Hit the small door at the back of the stage to release a raccoo
Serenity Gardens : Hit the odd section of bamboo fence near the drums to release a co
Cirque Du Flea : Hit the small door near the big clown head to release a raccoo
Waggin’ Wheel : Hit the old section of fence near the train to release a co

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