• KEL Reaper Of Entropy

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    Cheat Codes:

    Easy „Apple of Discord” achievement:
    Trade the following bad rumors or false proof to earn the achievemen

    *”Proof against children”: Get liquor by gossiping with the innkeepe Then, get cookies by giving the liquor to the baker that is near the butche Give
    the cookies to the childre Give „Proof against children” to the guard at the front of tow
    *”Proof against baker” and „Gossip about baker (false)”: Combine poison berries
    with the cookies to poison the Trade „Gossip about baker (false)” with the innkeepe Trade „Proof against baker” to the guard at the front of tow
    *”Gossip about butcher (false)”: Pick up the rotten meat behind the butcher’s
    hous Trade „Gossip about butcher (false)” with the Innkeepe

    Easy „Professional Swearing Enthusiast” achievement:
    Repeatedly give rotten meat to the blacksmit Rotten meat is found behind the
    butcher’s house, which is left of the entrance and right of the widow’s hous
    Have your village reputation at maximum or far enough above 0 so you do not
    lose the ability to trade with hi

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