Kingdoms CCG

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Cheat Codes:

Complete the following Tasks to earn the listed achievemen To view your
achievements and stats in Steam, select „Community”, then search for the
game hub that corresponds to [Kingdoms CCG Select the „View Stats” drop
down option, then choose the option for your username’s achievement

AchievementHow to unlock
Adept Battler – Win 500 Battle
Apprentice Crafter – Craft 25 card
Basic Battler – Win 25 Battle
Blazing Overlord – Win 250 Battles using Elemental Heroe
Champion Battler – Win 1500 Battle
Core Collector – Collect every card in the ,Core, Se
Crossed the River – Unlock Gate
Doused the Burning Flame – Unlock Gate
Efficient – Win an arena battle spending 5 or less Man
Epic Battle – Win an arena battle in 15+ turn
Ethereal Warrior – Win 250 Battles using Mystical Heroe
Eve Collector – Collect every card in the ,Eve, Se
Explosive Damage – Deal 15+ damage to enemy Hero in one tur
Freed the Willow,s Soul – Unlock Gate
Fully Geared – Play 20+ Gear cards in one battl
Holy Crusader – Win 250 Battles using Holy Heroe
I Put a Spell on You – Play 20+ Spell cards in one battl
I,m a Regular – Play the game 10 time
I’ve Got the Powwwer! – Win a battle with 25+ Man
Junior Crafter – Craft 5 card
Master Crafter – Craft 150 card
Not Even a Scratch – Win a battle with 25+ H
Novice Battler – Win 150 Battle
Over Extending – Play 5+ cards in one tur
Power Play – Play the game 50 time
Primordial Conqueror – Win 250 Battles using Ancient Heroe
Promotion Time! – Collect a card in the ,Promo, se
Ringmaster – Play 20+ Creature cards in one battl
Rise Collector – Collect every card in the ,Rise, Se
Thank You Come Again – Win an arena battle before turn
Tribes Collector – Collect every card in the ,Tribes, Se
Unholy Champion – Win 250 Battles using Unholy Heroe
Volatile Taskmaster – Win 250 Battles using Alchemy Heroe

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