Last Days Of Old Earth

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Cheat Codes:

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievemen To
view your achievements and stats in Steam, select „Community”, then „My
profile”, then „View all my games”, then the game and view stat

Achievement How to unlock
Destiny’s Alignment – Perform 50 successful Hero Escape
Devastate – Sabotage 20 Facilitie
Not this day – Perform 10 successful Hero Escape
Reaper of Destiny – Assassinate 50 enemy Heroe
Scavenger – Build 100 Collector
Shadowfang – Assassinate 10 enemy Heroe
Strategist – Build 100 Outpost
Supply and Demand – Sabotage 10 Structure
Talons of a Hawk – Complete Chapter 7 of the Campaig
Terror and Torment – Complete Chapter 5 of the Campaig
The Initiate – Play a multiplayer gam
The Master of Storms – Win 100 multiplayer game
The Tempest’s Heart – Win 40 multiplayer game
The Winter Wolf – Win 10 multiplayer game
Valley of the Sun – Complete Chapter 9 of the Campaig

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