Laura Jones and the Gates of Good and Evil

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Laura Jones and the Gates of Good and Evil

Submitted by: RM

Catch the Fish mini-game:
In this game you need to catch and feed the fish to the cat. The cat will
only eat the food that is shown on his sign. The cat will purr at you when
he gets the right fish but he’ll meow at you when you don’t.
If you take too long in between feedings you will notice that your progress
meter will start to go down. The slower you are in catching the fish, the
longer it will take you to complete the game. Once the cat has eaten a certain
amount of fish you’ll win the LEVEL.

Tangram mini-game:
Place all the shapes that are scattered in the scene onto the shaded area in
the middle. Drag the pieces to the middle and rotate them by right clicking.
Once the shape is turned in the direction you need, left click it to drop onto
the shaded area. All pieces must fit perfectly inside, otherwise you will not
be able to complete the puzzle. Please look at the screenshots for the solution
of all 3 puzzles.

Tape document:
In this puzzle you have to drag the puzzle pieces in the correct position.
To make it easier start placing pieces together that look alike. Like the green
lamp for example or parts of the desk.
Pieces will automatically lock into each other when correct.
Please look at the screenshot for the completed picture.

Kody do gier

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