Legend of Grimrock II

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Cheat Codes:

Alter your game files at your own risk and ALWAYS make backups!
Open your Grimrock 2 folder, usually located at DocumentsAlmost HumanLegend of Grimrock 2
Using Notepad or similar, open „grimroccfg2
Update the lines below, so that they read as indicated:

console = true
consolekey = 192

Begin playing the game and press ~ (the key above TAB) to produce the cheat consol
Now you can enter the codes indicated below to access the corresponding effect

Result Cheat Code
+1 all stats – spawn(„tome_leadership”)
+1 food – spawn(„turtle_steak”)
+1 dexterity – spawn(„potion_dexterity”)
+1 fvitality – spawn(„potion_vitality”)
+1 skill point – spawn(„tome_wisdom”)
+1 strength – spawn(„potion_strength”)
+1 willpower – spawn(„potion_willpower”)
+20 fire resist – spawn(„tome_fire”)
+20 ice resist – spawn(„tome_water”)
+20 poison resist – spawn(„tome_earth”)
+20 shock resist – spawn(„tome_air”)
+25 energy – spawn(„tome_energy”)
+25 HP – spawn(„tome_health”)
Antidote – spawn(„potion_cure_disease”)
Anti-venom – spawn(„potion_cure_poison”)
Big energy potion – spawn(„potion_greater_energy”)
Big HP potion – spawn(„potion_greater_healing”)
Full plate cuirass – spawn(„plate_cuirass”)
Full plate cuisse – spawn(„plate_cuisse”)
Full plate gauntlets – spawn(„plate_gauntlets”)
Full plate greaves – spawn(„plate_greaves”)
Gear key – spawn(„gear_key”)
Gold key – spawn(„gold_key”)
Iron key – spawn(„iron_key”)
Key that will opens any lock
except treasure chests – spawn („master_key”)
Lockpick to open closed chests – spawn(„lock_pick”)
Magic bridge that covers one square
in front of the party – spawn („magic_bridge”)
Mine key – spawn(„mine_key”)
Resurrect dead comrades – spawn(„potion_resurrection”)
Round key – spawn(„round_key”)
Timepiece that tells time while resting – spawn („timepiece”)
Crystal shard that fully heals party,
removes bad statuses, including death – spawn („crystal_shard_healing”)
Get 1 Etherweed – spawn(„etherweed”)
Get 1 Falconskyre – spawn(„falconskyre”)

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