Legend of the North – Konung

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Legend of the North – Konung

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: nightraider

Extra tribute:
Save the game, then allow the game run idle. This will create lots
of tribute in the towns that you have control over. Make sure to
turn off all power management and screensavers first.

Using high attribute armor or weapons:
To use armor or weapons that require a higher attribute, place rings,
amulets, and any armor or weapons that you have on other characters
with the required attributes needed onto your character. You can now
use the item in red. You can then replace all rings, amulets etc. to
their original locations. You will still have the item in place, even
though you no longer meet the requirements.

Apple of Wisdom:
After you find the Apple of Wisdom in the first area, keep it for a
while. Buy some Duplicators from Merchants. Make copies of the apple
and use them on your characters. Be sure to keep one apple to give to
the Witch Doctor which asked for it to receive your first piece of
the Dragons Amulet. Note: This is only for the Viking Quest.

Finding treasure:
Save the game before using the Copper Mirror of the Mage. Use the Mage
to find all hidden treasure on current board. Next, load the saved game.
You will now know where the treasure is located, plus you will still
have the Mage. Use the shovel to get the treasure. This will allow you
to find hidden treasures on all boards using the same Mage.

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