• Legends of Eisenwald

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    Cheat Codes:

    Spell Value’s:
    Using this modding of the game you can easily create super overpowered spells
    that only you can us First go into you game folder, find the folder labled
    „spells” enter the folder using notepad, inside it will say each spell in the
    game and each value, just change the starting spell that inflicts damage to
    nearby people, take away the condition nearby and they no longer have to be
    standing next to you for you to hit them, then you can change mana consumption
    and damage as you wish, careful not to use spells that the enemy will be able
    to us Save the file and go o You can easily search through each file and
    change item prices ect or even make your hero start off at max level, be
    careful and back up everythin

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