Lego Racers 2 – Platform: Playstation 2

Play as a Martian
Press Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up(2) at the main menu
(front end).

Mars track(s)
Pause game play then press Left(2), Right(2), Left(2), Right(2), Down, Left,

Wide-angle mode
Pause game play then press Left(3), Right(3), Up(3), Down(3), Left(3),

Rigels track: Shortcut
There is a shortcut where the tunnel full of water is located. When you
enter, there is a waterfall to your left. Go through it and you will be
close to first. Note: If you are going through it for the first time you
will find a Gold Brick.

The Berg’s track: Shortcut
When you race The Berg, look out for the hidden shortcuts on the track.
One is hidden in the cave.

Rocket Racer track (Xalax, Grand Finale)
It is best to avoid the ramps as you can lose speed and control when you
land. It is better to weave in and out of all the ramps and barriers,
keeping up a constant speed.

Sam Sinister
On Dino Island, you will meet Sam Sinister. He will use all the power-ups,
but he can also be hurt by your power-ups. If you defeat him, he will give
you a much better engine that will increase your speed. The easiest way to
defeat Sam Sinister is to destroy his car. Do not do this when he is near a
Pit-Lane. Also try knocking him off the large spiral.

On Mars, you will race against Riegel, the head Martian. He drives a giant
mech with amazing shields. He cannot be hurt by power-ups, but he cannot pick
them up. This race is about pure speed. If you defeat him, Riegel will give you
a Martian shield generator to make your car tougher.

The Berg
In the Arctic, you will be challenged by the Berg, a large ice monster who
does not even need a car. Like Riegel, he cannot pick up weapons, nor is he
affected by them. The Berg can create giant ice stalagmites behind him, though
— drive carefully. If you defeat him, he will give you super-grip wheels.

Big Rocket power-up
When you collect the Big Rocket power-up, hold L1 when you launch it. Your
car will be dragged along. Note: You must release L1 before it explodes or
you will receive damage. Additionally, you cannot control what direction you
are going to.

Brick Boost power-up
Use the Brick Boost to gain speed at essential times in a race. The Brick
Boost can also be
used to correct yourself if you are going into a spin. Also, if you use a
ramp or a jump, hold
down Brick Boost as you land and to speed off without bouncing along and
losing speed.
If it is a close race you may want to save your Brick Boost for the last
lap, where a sudden
surge of speed could win the race for you.

Vehicle add-ons
Vehicle add-ons are won by completing bonus games and beating Bosses. Power
is nothing
without control, so do not get too many Power add-ons without getting Grip

Do not forget to use the Pit-Lanes to repair your vehicle when you are in a
race. This is very
important when you are racing on Mars and Xalax where your car can get
damaged a lot.

If another racer is just in front of your car, it is possible to knock them
into a spin.
Try bumping one of the corners of their car.

Better control
While you are in the air, do not move the steering — when you land you will
go into a spin.
It is best to tap the steering when you land to regain control. When you
take corners, tap
the steering as you navigate the corner. If you hold Left or Right, the car
may spin
(especially on the Arctic tracks).

Quick start
At the beginning of a race, you can avoid being pushed around by other
racers using a turbo
start. It can give you an extra bit of distance between you and the other
racers. Press
Accelerate at just the right time. Learn how to judge when the lights will
change to green
at the beginning of the race – try counting and with practice you will get