• Living Room Escape

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    Living Room Escape

    Submitted by: RM

    Use the following steps to complete the game.

    – Get the rubber strip from the bottom drawer.
    – Get the half glasses from the floor by the couch and the straw
    from the glass on the table.
    – Combine all three of them to create a snorkel.
    – Get the steroids from inside the globe by clicking on it to open it.
    – Get the hamster from the cage.
    – Get the rope from the curtains.
    – Get the umbrella from the holder near the door.
    – Combine the rope and umbrella to create a fishing rod.
    – Give the steroids to the hamster.
    – Give the snorkel on the hamster to create a diver.
    – Use the fishing rod on the diver.
    – Use the diver on rod with the fish bowl.
    – Take the key.
    – Use the key on the front door to escape.

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