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Pressing the red button opens a door in the floor.
In the lower,level there’s a small table with a display of 2 semicircles,
with 1 set inside the other, and a lever. Pull the lever and rotate
the circles lining up the openings, then return upstairs.
Push the red button again to close the stairs and go down the hall to
the elevator.

** Going Up **
The elevator has an up and down arrow with a square button set in the
middle that serves as a timer. Go to the top floor and press the timer.
Exit the elevator and, when the timer expires, the elevator will close
and lower out of sight revealing the rotation device. Use the device to
rotate and visit the islands north and east of this one. On each, you will
find half of the 4 icon sequence needed to open the stairway at the start
of this age. Return the tower to it’s original location (south) and use
this 4-icon code sequence to open the stairway. Finally, go down to
the room and use the linking book to return to Myst Island.

** Mental Case **
Back at Myst Island, insert the blue page in the blue book.
Achenar gets a little further down the road to the big rubber walled
room on each return trip. He of course wants more blue pages, so what else
is new? He tells of Sirrus being the guilty party. He explains how Sirrus
has a greed that cannot be quenched. Most of the conversation is the same
old paranoid babble that Achenar seems only capable of vocalizing.
Get back to the gear on the hill and the Mechanical Age linking book.
Once back at the island, again cross the catwalk to the fortress,
go left inside the door. This will take you to Sirrus’ room.

** Sirrus Stuff **
Sirrus’ room is filled with miniature models of all the devices on Myst
Island. Each can be closely examined. Since the fortress is symmetrical,
it only makes sense that there would also be a hidden room here.
Below and to the right of Sirrus’ throne, behind the tapestry, is
where the panel is located. Here is where his greed manifested itself
in the gold bars and coins that litter the room. Laying in a chest of
gold bars, in the back corner of the room, is a red page.
There’s a threatening note rolled up with the wine bottles from Achenar.
Return to Myst Island with the fourth red page and insert it into the red book.

** The Fourth Red Page **
Sirrus actually seems a little calmer. With each page he says he
can see more clearly and that soon he will be free of his prison.
He sure is appreciative of the red pages and promises great wealth if the
last one is retrieved. As is always the case with these 2 brothers,
he mixes no words where his brother’s concerned. He claims that Achenar
is demented and took advantage of their father. He warns that,if released,
Achenar will destroy both of you. He is anxious for the last page
to be returned from the last unexplored age.
The only other landmark that will activate the tower is the large tree.

** Channelwood Age **
Use the map in the library to rotate the tower to the large tree behind
the small cabin just up from the Clock Tower. A quick check through the
window in the tower confirms the tower position, and the key plaque only
displayed the numbers 7,2,4. What the heck could those numbers mean?
Just inside of the door and to the left in the small log cabin by the large
tree is a wall safe. Setting the three tumblers to 7,2,4 and pulling
the handle opens the safe. There’s a box of matches in the safe. Is anything
on this island normal? Before leaving the wall safe, strike the match on the
box to ignite it. Things will heat up soon.

** Fire It Up **
Turn around and go to the furnace. Start by cranking the large wheel to
the right to get the gas going, then touch the match to the pilot
set in the lower left of the furnace base. Keep cranking the gas up
until the temperature readout gauge is maxxed out. The loud thundering sound
is the tree moving up out of the base. Cut the gas and run out to the tree
and you will be able to jump into a compartment set in the tree for a ride
down. At the bottom, there’s a room with the Channelwood Age linking book
sitting on a tree stump. Use this book to get to the Channelwood Age.
Just as the journal had stated, this place is filled with trees.

** Myst Family Robinson **
There are 3 levels to the Channelwood Age; the water level walkways,
the mid-level huts, and the upper level bed chambers of Achenar and Sirrus.
The lower level is a very simple tree structure branching out from the
windmill. The mid-level huts are mapped in the Channelwood Age Journal,
and the upper level consists of a winding walkway that connects the 2
brothers’ bed chambers. Also on this level is Achenar’s imaging chamber.
All mechanisms in this age are powered by a series of water pipes that
emanate from the windmill. The windmill is to your left at the start of
this age, so you’d best make your way there.

** Open The Valve **
Inside the windmill there’s a water valve at the base of a large tank.
Open the valve and you will hear the water run into the pipes.
All through this level, you will know if the pipes at
your feet are filled with running water by the sound — no sound, no water.
Also, at each fork of the walkway there’s a 2-way valve. Move the red valve
bar parallel to the pipe you want the water to go down. The spiral staircase
seems like the logical way up, but the door is locked with no key. From the
windmill, route the water left, then right 3 times. This will bring you to an
elevator. Use the red lever in the elevator to go up.

** Open Sesame **
On the drawing of the middle level in the Channelwood Age Journal
there’s a line connecting a hut to the spiral staircase. Go straight
from the elevator, then right 3 times, then out to the hut with the
switch for the spiral staircase door on the middle level. Pull the red
handle to open the door. From this switch hut, go straight through the
first hut, right 2 times, through the square hut, elbow through the next
square hut, and straight to the staircase.
Go down the staircase and open the
door on the first level. Go back to the first fork from the windmill
and redirect the water right to the spiral staircase.

** Top Of The World **
Go up the spiral staircase and use the elevator to the left at the
top of the stairs (which now has power).
This will take you to the top level and the 2 bed chambers.
Leave the elevator and head for the first hut that’s visible.
This is another of Achenar’s play rooms (Achenar is a sick puppy).
There’s an imager that will activate when you enter the room,
although it has no real purpose. Continuing on past this hut will bring
you to Achenar’s bed chambers and the master control for the imager.
Flip through the 4 messages and see the nice message from Sirrus.
The fifth blue page is at the base of the imaging controller.

** Linking Paths **
At the other end of the winding walkway is Sirrus’ bed chamber
(we’ll come back for the red page later). Go back down the elevator
and staircase to the first level. Return to the first valve after the
windmill and set the valves: left twice, then right to a dead end with a
lever. Pull the red handle and a hidden walkway will float up.
Follow the walkway in a half-circle past the elevator, and around to
another dead end. Turn the crank here to extend a hidden pipe and connect
it to the other side. Go back to the first valve again and set the valves:
left, right twice and then left. Go back to the elevator across the floating

** Return Trip **
Go up the elevator to the Myst linking book. Use it to return to the library.
Insert the blue page and wait for psycho boy to be freed. Achenar will speak
of yet another page and a trap.
He warns of a green book that is a trap. To get to his final page, pattern
number 158 from the odd book of patterns in the library must be entered in
the fireplace located here in the library. Before getting this last page,
go back and get the blue page left behind. Retrace the path and actions
through the log cabin, the large tree, and all the valve settings to get
back up to the top level of Channelwood.

** Sirrus’ Room **
Exiting the elevator, swing left and go to the hut at the opposite end
from Achenar’s. As always, the room is the model of perfection.
The sought-after page can be found in the desk drawer under the window
with a view of the windmill. In the right drawer under the bed is the
other half of the page found earlier giving instructions for access to the
hidden vault on Myst Island. Seems there are now 2 things to do back on Myst
Island. By now, the way back is easy. Reset the valves yet again to
power the linking book elevator and return to Myst Island,
insert the red page in the library for the other story.

** Sirrusly Now **
Sirrus now owes a debt of gratitude for returning the fifth page.
He still claims that he is the innocent party and that his brother should
not be released for both of your safety. The secret code on page 158 is
given along with another dire warning about not touching the green book.
Follow the directions on the reassembled journal page. Go to
the dock and turn the marker switch off (all the others should still be
on, not off as written on the page –this is important).
There, in a secret compartment in the base of the marker switch,
sits a white page. But there are no white books. Mu-hu-ha-ha-ha!
The plot thickens!

** Stoke Up A Fire **
Go back to the library and get the code book (middle shelf, far right).
Carefully turn to page 158. Sketch this pattern and go over to the fireplace
on the right wall, by the blue book. Crawl in and hit the red button to the
left of the opening. Pressing on the metal plate that drops down will
raise squares on the metal, duplicate the pattern found on page 158.
Push the red button again and the fireplace rotates around to a
small chamber. Here sits the last 2 pages and a green book. Let’s see,
both brothers are more than a little whacked. If they both
warned you not to touch the green book, what should you do?

** The $64,000 Question **
If you really are a glutton for punishment, go back and insert the blue
and red pages into the brothers’ books. You will quickly know what it
feels like to be imprisoned in a book and watch anxiously as each
brother removes your pages while having the last laugh. If you, instead,
open the green book, you will get to meet Atrus in person
and hear the true story. You’ll know what to do with the white page after
Atrus is done talking. If you hurried through Myst using this walkthrough,
or you just want to go do some sight seeing in some of the best graphics
available on a PC, use the book Atrus gives you to go back to Myst.

** An Open Book **
All the ages of Myst are open now for you to explore
(at least until a Myst II, if any, is released). Atrus did say that he
would summon you when he needed your assistance to rescue his wife (can you
say sequel?).Go back to the library and at least take
a look at the brothers final fate (which shows that you don’t want to get
on Atrus’ bad side). This concludes the Myst walkthrough but there are many
things to see in this game that were not touched upon here. While they do
not play a key role in solving the game, many of the items are very detailed
and you may spend considerably more time just exploring Myst. Enjoy!


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