Lord Of The Rings – The Battle for Middle-Earth

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Lord Of The Rings – The Battle for Middle-Earth

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Rauta Razvan

Locate the ini.big file in the game directory and open it with a text editor
such as Notepad. Search for the following string:

GoodCommandPointLimit = 300
EvilCommandPointLimit = 600

And ajust the amount to what you want.
It is a good idea to look below that string for more values to adjust, such as:

GoodCommandPointsBonus = 20

bonuses for every territory captures in living world

EvilCommandPointsBonus = 50

and add about 30 or so to each value, depending on how high you set your command
limit, as it will not be possible to reach 999 command in campaign when you only
get 20 or 50 bonuses per terrain.
By R@zVan

Submitted by: conner54

To edit stats of your skirmish player, use a text editor to edit the <player name>
skirmishstats.ini file in the files directory:
c:\documents and settings\<user name>\application data\my battle for middle-earth
and edit it accordingly.

Submitted by: Keiron Power AGE 12 2K7

STEP 1. select the map WOLD when playing skermish.
STEP 2. Close the gate and build 3 FARMS at the BACK of the castle.
when u get 200 recources buy the cheapest hero,pippin. when u get 4000 recources
buy legolas. put both heros on the wall of the pippin and enable
the elven the gate and get legolas to kill all enemies within range.
pippin should rank up really quickly if done properly.legolas will also rank up
really fast but not as fast as pippin.

Submitted by: Keiron Power

when playing skirmish or campain with gondor build 5 farms 3 wells (close gate
first) and 1 archery range, don’t build a barracks, build 4 battalions of gondor
archers and don’t upgrade them. By the time they have all been made u should
send them out 1 by 1 until they are all killed. Build 8 battalions of rangers
and give them fire arrows, then put 2 battallions ofthem on each side of the
gate (on the wall) and wait forthem all to go up to level 3 and change them
around with the others until they are all on level 3 and send them all out
to fight. EASY WIN!!!!!!!

Rohan Hint:
Submitted by: raja365

When playing with Rohan, build one Stable and on other places build farms.
(6-7 i think) Your gold will raise faster and faster.Now build Rohirrim,
Rohirrim Archers and shield. When youre out of command limits.
Destroy the enemy forces. Hopi it helps!!!!
FOR CONTACT:[email protected]

Submitted by: Brandan

First close your gate then build a postern gate at the back of your camp then build
battle towers on every other wall post then send out a hero right outside the postern
gate the enemy will try to run around your castle to get him but will be shot down by
battle towers. If enemy’s get to close just send the hero back inside the castle
[only works with Gondor/Rohan because of castle walls are needed.

Good campaign strategy:
Submitted by. aragorn

in the second level when you play with eomer’s army crush the enemyes with your starting
army;after you beat the level Lothlorien you will play again with eomer;at your camp
build a stable,an armory and with the rest foundations build farms;train rohrimm warriors
and purchase shields,banners,blades and armor for all of your rohrimms(you’ll have about
40 rohrimms)use these army on all levels and when you play the level when you also have
gandalf;build again as many rohrimms you can and fully upgrade them;this army will be
useful for you in helm’s deep level;when you enter the part of the campaign with gondor
build for faramir only rangers from the forbidden pool and upgrade them with banners and
fire arrows;in the level minas tirith train only archers and keep them on the walls;build
trebuchets and a postern gate when the rohan army will arrive;get the rohan army into
the city;put the rohrimms on the stairs and the rohan archers on the walls;put also all
of your heroes on the walls;survive until aragorn arrives with his oathbreakers;then the
level with be done because the oathbreakers are invincible and you shall destroy the
mordor camps with ease;at the next level attack dagorlad with the rihan army,then in the
level black gate enter with gondor’s forces;kill the archers on the gate then repel all
of the attacks from that positions,but get pippin to the middle camp that you must capture
it first;on the other camps build sentry towers;

Submitted by: king of gondor

get any ents you have except treebeard to destroy all the enemy uruk pits and get the
treasures to train more ents;you must take out the uruk crossbowmens with fire arrows
except the hordes that are on the dam;don’t approach the dam;take out all of their walls
and gates,but do not attack the great tower in the centre;after you destroy their buildings
use the power to summon rohrimms and kill the crossbowmens near the dam;take all of your
ents,also treebeard and the ents that you have build to destroy the dam;it will be easy
because the enemy won’t have any defenders(you can also build more ents by taking out the
lairs and collect the treasures)

Helm’s deep:
Submitted by: aragorn

the mission helm’s deep in good campaign is not easy;first we’ll have to rely on eomer’s
army;in the second level played with this army build a stable;an armory and on the rest
foundations build farms;train rohrimms and when you are out of command points;fully upgrade
them with shields and the other upgrades;in the mission where you have eomer and gandalf
build also rohrimms and when you’re out of command points fully upgrade them,so you’ll have
a great army;in the level helm’s deep;build on the remaining foundation a well;an armory;a
stable and farms;train as many archers you can and upgrade them with fire arrows,heavy armor
and banner carries;get legolas out of the fortress and get him in the far part of the map;
near the main gate build a postern gate and put gimli near it;get the rest of your army on
the deeping wall,don’s put nobody except gimli near the gate;some peasants will arrive and
you must defend them;use legolas to do this;do the same thing with the second group of
peasants and then get anyone into the fortress and close the gate;split your heroes near
the archers along the wall then make ready for battle;the first wave of attackers is very
easy to destroy;first take out their ladders approaching your wall;the second wave will bring
a battering ram;when the ram approach your gate get out gimli and use his axe throw power
to destroy it and then get gimli back into the fortress;don’t forget to take out the ladders
first;the third and fourth wave will bring some explosive mines;be sure you take out this
mine before they will reach your wall;if you not you’ll have to save the game before the
mines will arrive and if they destroy your wall;load the level when you have saved;they will
also bring some ballistas use your summon rohan allies power to get rohrimms and destroy
the ballistas;after this eomer’s army will arrive and you can use it to take out the enemy
camps and win the level.

Easy Win With Rohan:
If you are Rohan in a skirmish or online, build 2 or 3 farms in your castle. Then go out
and find so other sites that you can build farms and do so. Then, build 3 wells. This will
reduce the cost of you infintry drastically. Then build an archery range. Build 4 battalions
of Yeoman Archers to get your building to level 2. Use then for recon or just to gaurd your
base. Next build as many elven archers as possible. They are only 490 with the 3 wells
instead of 700! After, get the fire arrow upgrade and upgade your elves first. You archer
army will be unstoppable against Nazgul, infintry, trolls, ents, horseman, all uruk-hai,
siege weapons, everything!

Protecting Your Base:
When your Rohan or Gondor first you should build a couple of farms and then build a archery
range. Build about 3 battalions of archers. Line them against the wall , also you should
get trebuchets when Gondor. Then taunt them by opening your gate then they come at you and
your archers will shoot then as soon as you can close the gate do that. Then when they stop
sending soldiers you have enough powers in the power menu to get the Elven or Rohirimm
allies (except when Rohan) believe me saves alot of your soldiers.

Unlimited Command Points:
Max out your command points with an army then send them out to the edge of the map, it will
ask you if you want them to leave, answer yes. Then build another army then click on the
reinforcements flag then you got a double army.

Get Trolls in Fangron:
On the way to the elven camp, if you have a sharp eye you we see a cave with smoke coming
out of it. Go up to it with at least one troop and three cave trolls will come out. These
trolls are stronger than usual, but focus your trolls on the elves and your uruk
crossbowmen on the ents.

Create powerful Troll:
To make a Troll more powerful, have it pick up a tree as a club. It is slower, but much more
powerful. To make an Ent more powerful, have it to pull boulders out of buildings or rock
piles to throw at enemies. This is a very powerful long-range attack.

Leveling Hobbits:
When fighting as Gondor, Purchase merry and 2 to 4 battalions of gondor soldiers. Click merry
and chose throw rocks mode. then send merry out along with the gondor soldiers as a strike
force. this works better and faster than you think. by the time merry gets to level 8 or so,
he will be able to 1-hit ko any basic infantry unit.

Good army spying in skirmish mode:
The Evil factions of the game both have a Spying power they can use. However, Good factions
have no spying power. Early in Skirmish mode, recruit the Hobbit available to you. Have him
run over to an enemy castle, camp, etc. He should be able to make it to the citadel, unless
the enemy is playing a Good faction and has closed the castle gate. Once inside (or outside
the gate if it has been closed), activate his Elven Cloak. He will remain there, untouchable
by the enemy. By doing this, you will have a permanent spy. Note: If he moves, he will be
exposed until he can use his cloak again. When selecting all your units by pressing Q, hold
{Shift} and deselect your spy before ordering everybody to move or attack.

Defeating Ents:
Train a horde of Archers and give them the Fire Arrows upgrade. Send them and shoot the Ent
until he is on fire, then run away. He will die in a short time.

Defeating Isengard:
When you are fighting Isengard, either use Summon Rohan Allies or start out as Rohan. Build
a stable and a lot of farms. Close the main gate and build a Postern Gate instead. Build
an army of Riders Of Rohan and walk over the Uruk-Hai’s. To counter battering rams, use
Yeoman or Elven Archers. To counter Warg Riders and Siege Ladders, use Heroes or Sentry
Towers. Note: With the riders, just ride over the Uruks. It will either kill or stun
them for you to finish. With the riders, try summoning Eomer to the field and give them
a bonus or two.

Defeating Rohirrim:
When Isengard, Pikeman can easily defeat Cavalry if their numbers are similar. However, by
combining a Pikeman horde with a Crossbow horde you can have one of the most powerful
anti-Cavalry groups there are. As Mordor, there really is no cheap way to deal with Cavalry.
Trolls and Mumaks are your best bet, considering they have heavy damage with little harm
done to them. Try getting creative and putting Orc Archers with fire arrows inside the
Mumakil. This can make for a devastating blow to even a castle, and not just enemy

Defeating Trolls:
Make a horde/battalion of archers and give them the Fire upgrade. Shoot the troll until
it catches on fire (like Ents), then run away. The troll will die very quickly.

Mordor: Strategy:
When playing as Mordor, if you want an army that can handle almost anything build at least
three Mumakil. If you have enough resources, put a horde of Haradrim Lancers on top. They
are cheaper than Orc Archers. Have them guard in front of your citadel while you build more
soldiers from the Haradrim Palace. The Mumakil should quickly level up while you get the
Banner Carrier upgrade. Then, take the Haradrim Lancers off the Mumakil, upgrade them, then
put them back on. By this time you should have a large force of lancers and soldiers of Rhun
to attack the enemy. This force can usually take down any army. It is especially effective
against cavalry. If you are up against one of the good armies use the Mumakil to take down
the walls as your mounted lancers work on the enemies inside the walls. When the Mumakil
dies will you lose the mounted battalion as well. You should dismount them just before
this happens.

When first starting, instead of going out immediately and getting as many farms or whatever
else you need, if playing as Gondor or Rohan shut your gate. If you are Isengard or Mordor,
build some Archer Towers. Defend and save a lot of resources. Get a very good hero then go
out and get all the farms. While getting all the farms, send archers to each of them for
protection. If you get an outpost, put the archers in the citadel. While you are getting
all the farms, your CP should be increasing, allowing you to get more soldiers. Knights are
recommended, or if you are Isengard, Wargs. Then, go out and gather around your opponent’s
camp or castle, but not too close if they have defensive structures. Use a catapult, ram,
or fire arrows to destroy the gate, then charge and take out everything. Concentrate on the
citadel so that they cannot make anything.

You should have a large number of resource making structures, a high level blacksmith
and a level 2 archery range. To defeat any army in almost any situation, build your
army inside your castle with the gate shut until your command points have been reached.
You should have a lot of infantry and cavalry, but you do not need too many archers.
Combine your archers with your infantry. Buy all available upgrade for your entire army.
Open your gates and take your entire army outside. Once they are all outside, close your
gates. If you are worried about your city getting destroyed build guard towers and leave
a few infantry units with no upgrades behind. Have your army take out all enemy camps.
Always have your entire army attacking one target. Do not split up. You should decimate
all enemy forces with few to no casualties.

You know all the powers(Reinforcements,Heal, Etc.). Well instead of waiting for them you
can just do them whenever you please as there is no waiting time on them.

Defeating the Balrog in Moria:
When battling the Balrog at Moria you will only be allowed to use Gandof.This actually
helps you defeat him. It would be harder to do this if you had the whole fellowship with
you. When you first get there just keep attacking him. Don’t worry about him attacking
you. When your health bar gets half way down start to run away from him. Try not to get
hit by him. While you’re running away from him your health should start going back up.
Wait till your health is full. This may take a while. Then repeat this over and over
until you have beaten him.

Beating the game:
Submitted by: Middle Earth Warlord

After you have played through practically the whole game, Gandalf (in the living world
map) will tell you that, when ready, attack the black gate. You have to beat 2 or so other
levels before the black gate level appears. When this happens there will most likely be a
few levels left that you didn’t play at earlier in the game. So, instead of clicking on
the black gate level, therefore beating the game, play instead all of the other levels you
have not played at, switching between Rohan and Gondor each time. Build armories, barracks,
archery ranges, and seige weapons so you can upgrade your army. After each level, make sure
your Rohan and Gondor armies are both large and are fully upgraded, so that way when you
play at the black gate, your starting off army will be large, be upgraded, you will have
trebuchets, and your renenforcement army will be the same. And remember, level up your
heroes in the other levels so it is one hit KO, because at the black gate, one of the
bonuses is to keep all of your heroes alive!

Beating the game:
Submitted by: Middle Earth Warlord

Level up your army, making it full of men, before you go to the black gate, that ways, you
can easily beat the level.

Helm’s deep easy strategy:
Submitted by: elite soldier

On the good campain, it can be very difficult to win helm’s deep. The strategy:
First, behind the deeping wall, demolish every structure but the farms. Directly behind
the gate, build a farm and an archey range. Inside the keep, build a stable and a fountain.
On the rest of the foundations, build all farms. First, build five rohirrum battalions.
(this should upgrade the stable to level two, and it doesn’t matter what kind of rohirrum
you make.) Buy the shield upgrade, but don’t give ti to your rohirrum yet. at the same time,
be building as many archers as possible. (at least until you can purchase fire arrows) MAKE
SURE YOU RESCUE THE REFUGIES. Position all of your pesants on the deeping wall (to let them
die; they don’t take away any of your command points when you rescue them, but when they die,
they give you command points.) Position all of your archers on the keep’s wall, with NO
ARCHERS ON THE DEEPING WALL. Position all of your rohirrum behind the keeps walls, near the
fountain. If you want, after you finish building your rohirrum and the shields, you may demolish
the stables and build a farm in its place. Make sure all of the archers have fire arrows BEFORE
the attack. Keep both gates closed, and when the enemy arrives, let them climb the walls and
kill the pesants. Use the command points the pesants gave off for archers. Let them kill your
farms and the citidel. Also let them kill your gate. When the enemy tries to come up the ramp
into the keep, your archers will kill them before they can get in. If they do come close up
the ramp, use your rohirrum, with their purchased shields, to run over them.(Unless they are
pikemen) Don’t give a care when they breech the deeping wall. After your archers pick off the
last uruk wave, call in eomer’s army and send them into the keep to purchase fire arrows and
shields for your horsemen. After that’s done, have EVERYONE attack one uruk camp at a time,
and you will have won! It’s that easy!!! (and hard to explain)

Easy experience:
* Select the Wold map in Skirmish mode. Close the gate and build three farms at the rear
of the castle. when you get 200 gold, buy Pippin. When you get 4,000 gold, buy Legolas.
Put both heroes on the wall of the castle. Select pippin and enable the Elven Cloak. Open
the gate and have Legolas to kill all enemies within range. Pippin should level up very
quickly. Legolas will also gain levels, but not as fast as Pippin.

* When fighting as Gondor, purchase Merry and two to four battalions of Gondor Soldiers.
Click Merry and chose Throw Rocks mode. Send Merry out along with the Gondor soldiers
as a strike force. This works better and faster than you think. By the time Merry gets
to level 8 or so, he will be able to do one hit kills on any basic infantry unit.

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