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Sin (Angels) Hidden Faction Guide:
Written by Boy 7256.

Sin is a secret angelic faction that you can play only if you edit
your game files. It is a very OP faction that you will have no trouble
conquering the entire continent as long as you keep a few things in mind.

-=Make sure you keep your army casualties to minimum=-
Well it’s pretty much obvious right? I mean who actually enjoys losing his
men? But it is especially important for angels to conserve their strengths
even if they have to yield a few non essential territories to enemies. The
thing is that, angels are only OP when their Lvls are high enough to make a
full use of their special abilities. I believe angelic holy mages have to
reach at least lvl 20 to gain an ability called „vanish”. This „vanish”
skill is what makes angels so powerful . It has a decent range and very
few enemies are resistant to holy type attacks. Also it can inflict serious
aoe damage that can kill a large number of clustered enemies quickly.
As long as you protect these mages with a sufficient number of angelic
knights and chess soldiers, your army can defeat any enemy in this game
without much effort.

-=Do not let your officers be killed in battle=-
It is a common sense right? As your officers survive multiple battles
and gain more experience they can learn new and more powerful abilities
that can make them an unstoppable force in battle. Angelic officers are
delicate creatures that need your love and attention to grow more powerful
over time. There is one officer, in particular, you must pay extra attention
to ; Her name is Tycho. I say Tycho is the 2nd most powerful hero in the
entire game for a good reason. She can wipe out an entire army from miles
away with her nuke called „Judgement”. Judgement can be activated very
quickly and its large blast radius can even hit moving targets. (as long
as they are not moving too fast) Unfortunately, She must reach at least
Lvl 40 to acquire this ability. So it is imperative that you need to feed
her as many kills as possible to make a full use out of her.

-=Make use of terrain to slow down your enemies as much as possible=-
Although „vanish” is already powerful, you can kill your enemies more
efficiently if their movement is severely hampered by terrains. Unlike
other ranged attacks, both „vanish” and „Judgement” do not travel in a
straight line. Its ray of destruction comes down from the heaven itself
to punish mortals for their wicked deeds. So fast moving targets such
as dragon knights won’t be affected as much as heavy melee infantries.
Of course, if you encounter such fast moving targets you should intercept
them with your angelic knights to keep them held down long enough for
your mages to finish their work. Still, it never hurts to make use of
terrain advantages as much as you can.

-=Be wary of long ranged units such as musketeers or archers=-
When I was playing as Sin, the only faction that managed to put up some
resistance against my unstoppable angelic army was Musket. Normally, you
will start your campaign right next to Musket so you will wipe them out
long before they can grow too powerful . But if factions like Musket or
Alfheim somehow manage to survive the initial onslaught, I recommend
you to keep an eye on their powerful ranged units to make sure your holy
mages don’t get sniped from distance.

-=Use aggressive strategies but fight defensively in battles=-
Well it’s more of a personal preference than an actual advice. I love
crushing my enemies before they even have a chance to grow powerful. I
also like bisecting enemy armies in two to cut off their escape routes
and getting rid of enemy officers.It has worked out well so far no matter
which faction i play. For battlefield tactics, I think fighting
defensively is the best way to go for angels. Most of your kills will
come from your angelic mages so it is very important to keep them
protected at any cost. Even if you have to sacrifice a few knights or
territories along the way, it is better to keep your veteran mages
alive in the long run.

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