Martial Arts Brutality

Mechanics and Deck-building:
Written by Infomantis

Information on deckbuilding, good cards, and my Hot Opinions on different styles.

-=Kung Fu=-
The starting deck that you own first. Listed as being a good mix of speed, attack,
and defense. What this description fails to mention is that it’s not attack speed
it’s talking about, it’s DECK speed. Your attacks do not go faster.

* Starting Adrenaline: 1.5
* Adrenaline per attack: +.2
* Adrenaline per turn: +.5

* Starting Chi: 20
* Chi per attack: +5

* Character effects: none
* Card effects: none

In a lot of games, the starting (Whatever) that you get first is usually hot garbage.
Not really the case here! Kung Fu is a rather useful style in that it’s very hard to
lock down with adrenaline debuffs or chi drains, and if you hit 6-7 times a turn you
get to adrenaline 6 in about 2 rounds of attacking. Past that, it’s mostly unneccesary,
unless your opponent is packing the adrenaline -10 chi strike, in which case they aren’t
even going to bother using it because it’s not cheap on chi. The chi regeneration rate,
on the other hand, means that you can put way more expensive chi cards into a Kung Fu
deck than pretty much any other deck, because you regenerate 30 chi or so a turn if
you’re attacking at a good speed.

The first deck you unlock, unless you support the devs and have a hard-on for the U.S.
Marines. (This is a movie reference, before you whip out your hate mail.) Karate is
listed as having stronger bones and joints and stronger hand and foot techniques, but
slower reflexes. Now, reflexes aren’t really touched upon as to what they really MEAN,
so I’ll put that here to, in all bold, because this is very important. Your reflexes
determine how fast your opponent’s attacks move for you when you block. Bad reflexes
are, quite frankly, a death sentence in this game, unless your real life reflexes
are godlike. I don’t know how bad they are, but I don’t play karate decks very much
for this reason.

* Starting Adrenaline: 1.0
* Adrenaline per attack: +.1
* Adrenaline per turn: +.6

* Starting Chi: 45
* Chi per attack: +2

* Character effects: better bone/joint defense, worse reflexes
* Card effects: +1 power to all attacks

Karate isn’t particuarly great in my opinion. You’re only going to get about an average
of 1.2 adrenaline per turn, and the +1 attack doesn’t balance out for how many low
adrenaline attacks you’re going to have to put into your deck. Even worse, low adrenaline
chi skills usually cost more chi to use for the same effect, or are just worse.
The only good reason I can think of to think of to use this is for the higher health,
which could be rather useful, but not worth it in my opinion.

I’ll be honest, I may be biased towards Taekwondo because I used to practice it in
real life. Taekwondo is listed as having much stronger foot techniques and stronger
bones and joints, but less powerful hand techniques and slightly slower reflexes.
Essentially, listed as a less versatile karate. However, there’s a bit more to it than

* Starting Adrenaline: 1.0
* Adrenaline per attack: +.1
* Adrenaline per turn: +.7

* Starting Chi: 20
* Chi per attack: +3

* Character effects: Stronger bones/joints, slightly slower reflexes
* Card effects: +5 power and +3 speed to leg techniques, -5 power and -3 speed to
hand techniques

Taekwondo decks are very strong for leg stuff, but they’re massively restricted in
card choice. Not just offensive hand techniques either, oh no. External Chi techniques
all (or all the ones I have anyway) use hands, and as such all take a speed penalty.
As a result, most of your chi is going to be used for internal chi stuff, or for
external chi counterattacks where speed doesn’t matter. Other than that, They also
gain adrenaline at a slow rate like Karate, but unlike Karate they get enough stat
boosts that the only thing you’ll be missing out on at low adrenaline are the fancy
defense trajectories (more on those later).

-=Wing Chun=-
I may also be biased towards this deck, not going to lie. I play it the majority
of the time. Wing chun is listed as having the fastest techniques and longer attack
times (though it also has slower cooldowns for attacks, I think), with the drawbacks
of being all around weak, body and attacks. Luckily, as I’ve been finding out, power
doesn’t really matter as much as you’d think when you’re throwing out a billion punches
and aiming for low health areas.

* Starting Adrenaline: 3.0
* Adrenaline per attack: +.1
* Adrenaline per turn: +.2

* Starting Chi: 50
* Chi per attack: +1

* Character effects: Longer attack timer, slower attack cooldowns, generally less health
* Card effects: -5 all power, +5 speed to hands, +3 speed to kicks

Wing Chun is an amazing style for where I’m at, as long as you can block well. While I
haven’t been able to see how fast my punches are going, I’m rather confident that my
opponent isn’t going to block a 22 speed uppercut with fog and a second illusion fist.
Wing chun is also very well suited to Dim Mak attacks due to their innate speed, though
you’ll either want to do them early, or have multiple ways of regaining Chi. Finally,
I’m not entirely sure about what the calculations on damage are, but it seems to me
that a 1 power attack does a lot more than just half the damage of a power 2 attack.
I could be wrong, but if I’m right, this makes Wing Chun a lot better than its face
value due to quantity over quality.