Mega Man Legacy Collection

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Cheat Codes:

Easy „The Mystery of D Wily” achievement or trophy:
Use the route order: Metal, Wood, Air, Crash, Flash, Quick, Bubble, Hea

Easy „Rock and Roll” achievement or trophy:
Each boss has a weakness to a specific weapo Use either of the following
paths through the Bosses to have a strong weapon ready for us
Note: Although Guts Man is sometimes difficult, his AI is a lot easier
when faced first and he does less damag

Fire, Bomb, Guts, Cut, Elec, Ice
Guts, Cut, Elec, Ice, Fire, Bomb

Then, use the following weapons on the remaining Bosse

Yellow Devil : Use the Electro weapo
cwU-01P: Remain on top of the bricks in the middle and use your
regular blaste When only four of them are remaining,
use the Guts weapon and throw bricks at the
Wily : In the first phase use Fire and during the second
phase use Lightnin

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