Merv Griffins Crosswords

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Merv Griffin’s Crosswords

Submitted by: RM

Unlockable How to Unlock
5 Timer – Complete 5 puzzles.
Clue Master – Complete a puzzle without hints.
Crossword Master – Complete five puzzles in a row with no hints.
Double Combo – First combo.
First Place – Awarded for completing the first puzzle.
Four Day Champion – Complete a first four in a row.
Frequent Flyer – All getaways unlocked.
Fresh Play – Complete a puzzle without being spoiled.
Globe Trotter – All grand prize trips unlocked.
Infallible – Complete a puzzle without mistakes.
Life of Leisure – All getaways and grand prizes.
Perfect Play – Complete a puzzle without mistakes or hints.
Permanent Vacation – All trips, getaways and achievements unlocked.
Repossess – First time a player wins a prize back from a spoiler.
Returning Champion – Complete a first five in a row.
Three Day Champion – Complete a first three in a row.
Triple Combo – First triple combo.
Two Day Champion – Complete a first two in a row.
Ultimate Combo – Awarded the first time combos max out.
Wordsmith – First answer of seven letters or greater.

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