Mighty N 9

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Cheat Codes:

How To Unlock The New Game+ Mode:
After beating the game for the first time you also unlock New Game Plus Mod
Which restarts the clock while letting you keep everything from the beginning
to make it easier to fight the more difficult enemie

Easy „Built to Last” achievement or trophy:
Select Ex mode, chose „Challenge (Solo) 06”, then Axcelerate directly into the
death spikes to the righ Repeat the process as many times as neede

Easy „Smooth dive” achievement or trophy:
Play the „Water Works Bureau” as Mighty N 2, where your fall speed is decrease
Each time you exit a vertical tube, use your Axcelerate to skip over as many areas
of the level as possibl If you do not get hit, you will eventually drop the
required number of segments during one „fall

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