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Miss Management

Change the Cost Cheat:
Submitted by: David K

1. Right click the shortcut icon for the game and choose properties.
2. Click on Find target… button and you will be directed to the folder of
the game.
3. Double click on the folder levels to go into it.
4. Inside the folder levels, there is a file called GlobalSettings.xml.
Right click on it and choose to open with notepad.
5. Once open, you can find cost for each items on the store and change the cost.
i.e. Expresso cost=0 would make the expresso always free.
6. The easiest way to edit is to use CTRL F on your keyboard and find the
word cost for all cost in the store.
7. After finishing, close the file and save it. Now, all the items in the store will
cost what you have changed.

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