Save 8-15 sec on moss:
Submitted by: 524961hi/Aaaaa

When you start Don’t go down the cliff, go up the right wall just keep climbing it.
Then you will somehow fall down the begining of the second level, that will save
about 9 sec.

* this only works once, when u finish it and restart again it’ll start at the time
you finnish the game at… refresh it and it will work the second time.

lv.5 – you don’t have to jump, just fall on the higher end of the 1st see-saw and go
to the lower end of the second sea-saw. then the boulder will catapult u up.

lv.6 – single jumping can save you 5 sec.

lv.8 – land on the SECOND teleporter, it will get you there faster.

last level. – Climb up the right wall (using both walls will take 5 sec slower)
and fall on the first lower block and wait untill the wall-door opens.
This will take practice to do it under 40 sec.