• Naruto Path Of Ninja v7

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    Press F7 During A Fight To Apply A Chea

    toooslow – Play Game In Slow Motion On In Fas

    Following, Cheat work for player indivisually, Enter Player N After entering the chea
    e Press ‚F7’>> Type ‚immortal’>> press ‚Enter’>> Enter ‚1’ For Player 1>> Cheat Activate

    immortal – Player Will Not Die
    chakramaster – Infinte chakra
    kunaimaster – Infinte kunai and paper
    rocklee – Super speed
    lotus – Super jump
    choji – Heavy weight
    jumper – Many consecutive jumps
    dumass – Player will die at onc
    neverhurt – Player will never hurt(Life may be loss but will not fall)
    rasen – Rasen or Chidori will always activate,,(only for few player)

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