• Neuro Hunter

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    Neuro Hunter

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    All major corporations companies have secrets they would rather were kept
    hidden. Johnston Biotek Inc. is no exeption, but not all companie’s secrets
    are as dark and destructive as this one. When the situation threatens to get
    out of hand, the management hires a man they call Hunter to restore order.
    However, sometimes things have to get a lot worse before they get better.
    Hunter will soon discover that no pay cheque would be worth the dangers he
    will face after accepting this job.

    * Cyberpunk role playing game with atmospheric graphics
    * First Person View
    * 36 main and 6 side quests wrapped into an intriguing Sci-Fi-story
    * Gigantic subterranean World: extensive caves, secret labs, mystic temples,
    generator rooms uvm.
    * 69 NPCs, you can interact and trade with
    * 14 different monster classes and many subclasses: reptiles, hybrids,
    humanoid mutants, giant spiders, quantum ghosts and more

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