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Cheat Codes:

Easy „Beyond the Possible” achievement:
Select level 1, as it is the easiest to complet Some areas may require a few attempts
to lear At the harvester part, travel in circles to avoid the ra If you run over
the rat and return to the game it will cras Once at the heist, choose whatever you
feel comfortable wit If you die, the game will resume at the start of the heis

Easy „GaGa” achievement:
While playing David on the „London” map, cycle through all the radio stations availabl

Easy „Practice Makes Perfect” achievement:
Complete London level without dyin To do this easily, play in windowed mod If you
die, immediately close the game by clicking the „X” icon in the top right corne Run
game again to resume the level without your death being recorde Continue until after
after helicopter par You do not actually have to do the heis

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