Oregon Trail 2

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Oregon Trail 2

Submitted by: jens lohse

More money:
Go to a livery stable and buy four to five oxen.
Then, go to trade and find someone who will trade
money for your oxen. Trade the oxen for as much money
as possible, but more than what you paid for them.
Keep in mind that oxen differ in price depending on
what location you are in. Keep trading the oxen for
more money until the desired amount of money is received.

Catch fish:
To catch fish, rest by a river, stream, or lake.

press F4 to change wagon color.

If you are a trail guide, be a pastor. It will keep your
morale high and you can trade sets of clothing at $10 profit

Faster healing:
If you choose the option to become a doctor at the beginning
of the game, the people in your party will most likely heal
faster when they get sick.

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