Ori And The Blind Forest

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Cheat Codes:

Complete the following Tasks to earn the listed achievemen To view your
achievements and stats in Steam, select „Community”, then search for the
game hub that corresponds to [Ori And The Blind Forest Select the „View
Stats” drop down option, then choose the option for your username’s

Achievement How to unlock
A New Path – Break open 5 shortcuts using the Charge Flam
Blast Master – Kill 100 enemies with Charge Flam
Choices Choices – Use your first ability poin
Close Call – Escape a dangerous situatio
Combat Master – Earn all Combat Skills in the Ability Tre
Crushing Blow – Crush a Ram with a Stompe
Deadly Dash – Kill 5 enemies with Charge Jum
Marking the way – Restore your first Map Ston
Master Guardian – Collect all Health Cell
Power Player – Collect 200 Energy Shard
Powerhouse – Collect all Energy Cell
Rekindle – Fan the flame
Rotten Inside – Enter the Ginso Tre
Solid Ground – Restore the winds of Nibe
Soul Master – Earn all Efficiency Skills in the Ability Tre
Stomp Master – Kill 50 enemies with Stom
Supersonic – Finish the game in under 3 hour
Utility Master – Earn all Utility Skills in the Ability Tre

General Tips:
* Remember to set checkpoints to avoid losing a bunch of progres
* Focus more on defensive and utility abilities in the gam You will have to kill some enemies, but offense isn’t quite as important as other games of the genr
* Keep an eye out for collectibles/upgrade Experiment with abilities and try to reach areas that seem impossible to get t
* Be extra careful around spike It only takes a few hits to kill Ori, so platforming can often be the most dangerous enemy of al
* Look for items to destroy to receive spirit energ Some doors are locked unless you have enough, so you want to have the max amount as much as possibl
* Take on one enemy at a time if possibl Single enemies aren’t particularly difficult, but fighting more than one at a time can be trick

Character color change:
Press left right down up up up A (on xbone) jump butto To change your
characters colo

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