Outcast: Second Contact

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Any shamaz can heal you to full health but you don’t have to sit and
wait while they channel you can run off and even start conversations
but still get healed. If anything interrupts his channeling such as a
fight or threatening him he will have to start over.
USE THE MINI-MAP! The full map is also really really handy finding any
particular talan you’re searching for.
The HK-P12 and UZA-SH1 are your primary go to weapons effective for
the entire game. During the early game you can go to Talanzaar and find
the first two or so weapon traders when going along the right side you
can find the first upgrade for the HK-P12 and get the UZA-SH1. It’s a
good idea to get both before finishing Shamazaar.

Read up on what the items do or you’ll never use them. Not that you need
to. The hologram is arguably the most useful.
If you need to heal and aren’t next to a shamaz you likely have way more
med-kits than you’ll ever need so might as well top off.

Personally one of the first things I did was turn off the auto-targeting.
Plays much closer to the original and feels a lot better with a mouse.
They did improve the projectile size and hit detection from the original
so there are more opportunities for hard shots.

Kody do gier

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