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Cheat Codes:
Free Wide Shot, Autofire, Sonic Pulse, and Rockets. During
the game, press the following buttons on your keyboard.

Effect Code
{Alt} + [F12] – Eight second invincibility
{Alt} + 4 – Free Autofire
{Alt} + 3 – Free Rockets
{Alt} + 2 – Free Sonic Pulse
{Alt} + 1 – Free Wide Shot

Submitted by: RM

Press {Alt} + [F12] during game play for temporary invincibility.
Lasts about 5 seconds, but you can keep doing it over and over again.

Extra Points:
When you shoot enemies fruit sometimes flies into the air. Collect this
fruit for extra points or for even more points, shoot the fruit into
smaller pieces before collecting them.

Platypus v 1.13 – Unlock all level and choose airplane:
Submitted by: pu

(R)+(ctrl) to unlock all level and choose airplane click island level3 to
choose the airplane.

Kody do gier

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