Postal 2: Paradise Lost

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Cheat Codes:

Console Codes:
Press SHIFT+TILDE (the key above TAB) to enable the cheats console,
then enter sissy as your phrase to unlock code entr From there,
you can enter the following phrases for the corresponding effec

Code Effect
————————————————– –
swimwiththefishes – Piranha plug-in
behindview 0 – 1st-person perspective
behindview 1 – 3rd-person perspective
gunrack – All Weapons
blockmyass – Body Armor
splodincats – Disable bouncing cats
boppincats – Enable bouncing cats
iamthelaw – Cop Uniform
headshots – 1-shot Kills (headshot)
Fly – Fly Mode
likeabirdy – Flying Modes
blastacap – Maxed Ammo
WhyDoIPlay – Maxed ammo/life
Ifeelfree – Ghost Mode
smackdatass – Gimp Suit
InjectLife – Maxed Health
limbsnapper – Hammer to Head
alamode – 1 Health Remaining
iamsolame – 1 Health Remaining
jewsforjesus – Cash
iamtheone – Catnip
boyandhisdog – Dog Treats
piggytreats – Doughnuts
headshop – Health Pipes
catfancy – Spinning Cats
walk – Walking Mode
fireinyourhole – Rocket Cam
rockincats – Enable cat bullets
dockincats – Disable cat bullets
hulksmash – Throw Hammers
bladey – Throw Machetes
reaperoflove – Throw Scythes

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