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Submitted by: Enigma Question

Level Passwords
LEVEL 2 – Omnicorp is all knowing
LEVEL 3 – Keep the opressor opressing
LEVEL 4 – The meek shall inherit zilch
LEVEL 5 – Have you had your hydergine today
LEVEL 6 – Kemo city a nice play to live
(doesnt work in all versions)

Cheat Codes:
Start the game with these paramaters:

-cheater -infinite -nocar -invince

In game: press Alt-Ctrl-F7 before anyone hits you or you hit
them and you will be invincible, no cars on the road, and
infinite weapons.

International passwords:
Enter one of the following passwords in the International
version of the game to begin game play at the corresponding level.

Level Password
2 – 98645782
3 – 89962254
4 – 54185654
5 – 92146125
End – 33289642

Need more money?
Hex edit SAVEx.GAM (x being game number)

Sector 0, offset 407-408: change to 0F 27

Kody do gier

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