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    Complete the following Tasks to earn the listed achievemen To view your achievements and stats in Steam,
    select „Community”, then search for the game hub that corresponds to [Rambo: The Video Game
    Select the „View Stats” drop down option, then choose the option for your username’s achievement

    Achievement How to unlock
    Afghan Camp : 2 stars on Afghan Cam
    Become War to survive a War : 20 kill per minute ratio on any leve
    Cave Encounter : 2 stars on Cave Encounte
    Deep Jungle : 2 stars on Deep Jungl
    First Blood Complete : 3 stars on all CHAPTER 1 Level
    First Blood Part II Complete: 3 stars on all CHAPTER 2 Level
    Forrest Hunt: 2 stars on Forrest Hun
    God would have mercy : Reload Combo of 100 on any leve
    God, didn’t make RambI made him : Reach Rank 2
    Good supply of body bags : 2000 headshots in tota
    I’m the last one, Sir: 3000 kills in tota
    Interrogation Escape : 2 stars on Interrogation Escap
    Jailbreak : 2 stars on Jailbrea
    My War is Over : Complete story mode on Green Beret difficult
    POW Camp : 2 stars on POW Cam
    POW Evac : 2 stars on POW Eva
    Prologue : 2 stars on Prologu
    Rambo III Complete: 3 stars on all CHAPTER 3 Level
    River Run : 2 stars on River Ru
    The Demolition Of Hope : 2 stars on The Demolition Of Hop
    The Final Showdown: 2 stars on The Final Showdow
    The Fort : 2 stars on The For
    The Fort – Second Stab : 2 stars on The Fort – Second Sta
    The Waterfall : 2 stars on The Waterfal
    Village Vanguard : 2 stars on Village Vanguar
    War you won’t believe: 15x Score Multiplier on any leve
    Your worst nightmare : 10 chain kill combo on any leve

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