Cheat Codes:

Easy „Cyber-Brain Surgery” achievement:
Bring the empty AI disk from the bottom panel of second medical kiosk to the robot
in the second floor basement roo Have him download into i Place the AI disk
into the hacked open Core AI device in the third floor basement behind the vent

Easy „Flawless Victory” achievement:
In level 3, resuscitate Nick without any mistake Do this by choosing the following

* Shak
* Open airwa
* Have her go find AE
* 2 a secon
* 2 breaths every 3
* Shoc

Easy „Gamesaver” achievement:
The hidden yellow diskettes can be found in the following location

* After entering the room with the broken ladder, go to the storage room on your lef Use the crates to complete near the news column create a staircase and use it to find
the diskette next to the bo
* When in the vent, instead of going to the security room, follow the other path to find
the diskett
* Save Klimt and he will give you the code to his locker in the storage roo Enter „1985” to find the diskette insid

Easy „Suddenly, Noodles” achievement:
Open the crate in the right rear corner of Mike’s room in level

Easy „Time Travel” achievement:
The secrets are found in the following location

* On the desk in rear right corner of the hanga
* Near the power line at the top of the comms towe
* Inside the first empty spacesuit pod on the left when you first enter the control roo

Easy „Wake Up and Play!” achievement:
The secrets are found in the following location
* Go to the crate at the rear right corner in Mike’s roo
* Use the screwdriver to open the vent in your bedroo
* Search behind the monitor in the rear center of the storage roo